How to Use Cocopeat For Seed Germination

How to Use Cocopeat for Seed Germination: For people who do not what is a Coco Peat, then let me tell you that it is a by-product made up of coconut fibres and is extracted from the coconut husk. The other names of Coco Peat are Coir Peat, Coir etc. It is environmentally friendly as it’s source is purely natural. We generally see the coco peat products in the form of coco peat block, coco peat briquettes, coco peat tablets etc..

What are the Advantages of Coir:

  1. Coco peat is used as a plant medium in hydroponics for various plants. It peat provides good aeration and water retention capacity
  2. Coco peat has anti-fungal properties which makes it more desirable to use it as a rooting medium of plants.
  3. Coco peat’s water-holding capacity is amazing as it holds a large amount of water viz. 8 times to its original weight. The floriculture plants are raised through fogger watering system by using cocopeat as a medium in drought-prone areas like Maharashtra.
  4. While Coco peat products are Coco peat bricks, Coco peat briquette which has for various purposes.
  5. Coco peat is durable and it is used for many years as long as more than 3 – 3 1/2 years. It doesn’t disintegrate quickly because of high lignin content presence.
  6. Coming to the present degrading environmental conditions of the world; this is a good option as it doesn’t create any kind of pollution.

How to use coco peat for seed germination –

1. Break the coco peat bricks in a large bucket or any other structure based on the quantity of coco peat you have. use your hands or any other implement you have to separate the coir.

Take water quantity into consideration for the particular amount of coco peat. add warm water after mixing the coco peat thoroughly.

2. Leave the coco peat in warm water so that it can absorb the water for about 2 hours.

3. Fluff the coco peat for raising plants by mixing the coco peat with hands, a garden trowel in water. During this process, add some water if needed and the coco peat will increase it’s size as it becomes fluffy by taking more space.

4. Fill the seedling tray with the coco peat and gently compress the coco peat as shown in the picture.

Cocopeat for Seed Germination

Cocopeat for Seed Germination Tips

5. Pre-soak the seeds with lukewarm water if not; do it with normal water. The duration of the seed soaking is for more than 16 hours for most of the plants. we recommend you to check the pre-soaking duration for your respective plant seeds.

6. Place the seeds into the coco peat tray at a required depth and gently cover the seeds with coco peat. At the time of the seed sowing, the cocopeat should have optimum. 1.water content 2.good aeration.

7. Heating pads are available at cheap prices in many stores so give it a look. You might require one of these things if you are living in cooler climatic conditions.

8. If you want to transplant the seedlings to the coco peat then, fill the planter with the coco peat. Then you can transplant these plants into the planter. Later on, you can add the soil depending on the type of plant.

This is the way to use the Cocopeat for Seed Germination. We hope that you have got to know an idea regarding the same. Furthermore, check the below link to know more about Coco Peat.

Websites to But Coco Peat Online

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