What is Urban Horticulture and Types of Urban Horticulture

Urban Horticulture: Urban Horticulture is an art of promoting the new successful growth and development of horticultural crops. In Urban Horticulture, ornamental crops, vegetable crops, fruit crops are grown in an urban environment. Now we are going to let you know about the use and Urban Horticulture Types which are in use.

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What is the use of  Urban Horticulture?

Urban Horticulture is the process of relationship between plants and the environment in cities. This is the simplest process of growing crops in the urban areas or in towns and cities. If you are living in the city it is very hard to grow more crops in lower space or land.

After reading this article you are going to change your decision. Urban horticulture is the process of growing all types of horticultural crops in cities. Even if you are having low space of land you can grow more crops at your home.

Value of Urban Horticulture:

Nowadays there is a huge demand for urban horticulture in all the cities and towns. While coming to the scope and importance this is the only process to grow a number of crops in the low space of land.

By this, the landscape of urban areas is increasing in towns and cities.

Types of Urban Horticulture:

There are different types of urban gardenings are available. While these are having more scope and huge demand in future.

Terrace Gardening:  Terrace Gardening is the process of growing of ornamental crops at the terrace of your home. Crops like fruits and vegetables are grown by the people in the Terrace garden.
Vegetable Gardening: Vegetable crops are grown in the houses of cities at less space and at low cost. For this, you require a very less piece of land. Furthermore, they can be grown on the terrace or at any empty space of free land at your home.

Roof Gardening: This also similar to terrace gardening. The roof of your home is helping to grow the varieties of crops and plants. While here you can select your own type of plants for growing.
Balcony Gardening: Here all types of ornamental crops are helpful to grow on the balcony of your own home. Especially the roses which can give a freshness and relaxation peacefully.
Backyard Gardening: If you are having empty space in your backyard then it will be the right place to grow crops.

Urban Horticulture Types

Benefits of Urban Horticulture Types

Organic Farming: Some of the people in the cities are having more space of empty land. Then they can start the Organic Farming. Furthermore, Organic Farming is the process of growing your own organic fruits and vegetables. This the process of growing fruits and vegetables without using any harmful pests and fertilizers.
Green Parks: In cities, there are few green parks are available. After the development of Urban Horticulture, there is a huge demand for green and public parks. While different varieties of plants related to ornamental crops are growing in those green parks.
Guerrilla Gardening: This is the process growing of various types of crops in the farm of bushes in the unwanted area. These crops are helpful to grow in public parks, On the borders and middle of roads or near the pillars of traffic signals.

Allotment Gardens: Nowadays allotment gardens are having huge demand and popular in urban areas. Furthermore, the government is providing different types of subsidies and empty lands to grow plants and increasing greenery.
Community Gardens: These are similar to allotment gardens. While a large number of empty lands are useful as growing the fruit and vegetable crops by the communities and NGOs in cities and urban areas.

These are the different Urban Horticulture Types which are in use. We are trying to provide more information to you. For furthermore information, you can click the below link.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Urban Horticulture

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