Different Types of Agricultural Practices | Different Types of Agriculture in India

Types of Agricultural Practices | Types of Agriculture in India: The agricultural practices are divided into different farms, it depends upon the land and climatic conditions of different areas. so we are going to discuss types of agriculture in India. While the list of agricultural activities is  Subsistence Agriculture, Extensive Agriculture, Intensive Agriculture, Plantation Agriculture, Mixed Farming Agriculture, Commercial Farming Agriculture.

  1. Subsistence Agriculture: The farmers produce their own food to eat. Furthermore, they require a low amount of land. The yield is not for trading.
  2. Extensive Agriculture: This is an agricultural production system which uses a few inputs and capital, less labour and application of fertilizers it too low. Furthermore, for example, Sheep farming and Cattle farming areas give low productivity.
  3. Intensive Agriculture: This is completely different from extensive agriculture. More area of land is important. The farmers produce a large amount of productivity for commercialization to trade the yield. They use huge Capital and Inputs, they use a large number of labour and modern machines and tools. While they apply the full amount of fertilizers and pests to control the disease. It requires Large Irrigation System.
  4. Mixed Agriculture: Cultivation of two or more different varieties of crops in the same area or field is Mixed Agriculture. The equal importance is for both Livestock and Cultivation Crops. The proportion of land is for cultivation, animal rearing, and to the livestock. The cost of capital is high or sometimes low according to the location. They use high inputs and low labours.
  5. Commercial Agriculture: This requires a large area of the farm. This is the process of production of large quantity of product. They use a huge amount of capital and inputs. They have less labour and use more machines and technology in agriculture.
  6. Plantation Agriculture: Plantation is the process of cultivation of commercial crops which is having great demand in trading. Cultivation of crops like Coffee, Tea and all types spices is Plantation Agriculture. In this process, the single crop is grown in the large area of land. The capital and inputs are also high. Also, the use of labours is high and apply more amount of fertilizers and pests.

On the basis of Cafeteria, Agriculture is of various types. You can implement the different types of agricultural practices by the area of location. While it differs from the soil and sometimes it depends on the climatic conditions. So we are doing to describe some types of agricultural practices and types of agriculture.

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Types of Agriculture on Water Dependence:

  1. Dryland farming: If the agriculture is dependent only on Rainfall, then it is Dryland Farming.
  2. Irrigation Farming: Irrigation facilities can be provided by rainwater or by ground level water.

According to the scale of production and its relation to the market:

  1. Subsistence: It consists in producing the minimum amount of food necessary to meet the needs of the farmer and his family, with little surplus to sell. The technical level is primitive.
  2. Industrial Agriculture: Due to the production of large quantity will bring the surplus marketing result. Typical of industrialized countries, the developing countries and the internationalized sector of poorer countries. The technical level is technological.

Types of Agriculture

According to Maximum or Minimal Production:

  1. Intensive Agriculture: looking for a large production in a short space. Leads to increased wear of the site. Typical of industrialized countries.
  2. Extensive Agriculture: It requires the larger surface of the area i.e., It causes less pressure on the surface and their ecological relationships.

According to Method and Objectives:

  1. Traditional Agriculture: Use of typical systems that have shaped the culture of the same, shorter or longer periods.
  2. Industrial Agriculture: Agriculture which has the main focus on producing large varieties and quantities of food in less time period.

These are the different Types of Agriculture that people are practising in the world. Furthermore, we hope that you have learned something new with this guide. You can also share this guide with your friends.

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