How to Start Profitable Tuna Fish Farming in India

Commercial Tuna Fish Farming Profits in India: Most of the people like to eat t Tuna Fish at Home. Generally Tuna Fish is a Saltwater Fish which too good to taste. Nowadays most of the Small-Scale farmers are raising this Tuna Fish for the Commercial use of Tuna Fish Meat. Most of the people are asking about Tuna Fish Market Price. The following article gives thein formation on Market Value and Market Price of Tuna Fish. You can Gain more Profits in Tuna Fish Farming and by raising Tuna Fish in India.

This Tuna Fish is consisting of 15 different Species. Read to know Tuna Fish Farming in India. In which Bullet Tuna Fish which is most small in size and it weighs about 2 kg. Furthermore, Atlantic Bluefin Tuna this us the biggest fish in Tuna Family and Weghiting about 700 kg and capable to live up to 40 years. Earlier we have given information about the Advantages of Eating Tuna Fish.

Tuna Fish Farming Profits

Tuna Fish Farming Profits in India:

Farming a Tuna Fish is a Profitable Business in India. Hence most of the people prefer to eat Tuna Fish. If the population increases the demand for the Tuna Fish also increase. By this, you can easily estimate the Demand of Tuna Fish Farming. Now we are going to give information on How to Get Profits in Tuna Fish Farming.

Tuna Fish Farming Costs

  • The average weight of a Tuna Fish is about 2 to 3 kg.
  • According to the Market Price of Tuna Fish in India is 150 rupees per kg.
  • Furthermore, the Wholesale Price of Tuna Fish in India is around 110 to 120 rupees per kg.
  • In an average one can easily produce 1 tone of Tuna Fish.
  • If you sell One Tone Tuna Fish at the Wholesale Price at 120 rupees per kg you can earn 1000kg X 120rs = 1,20,000 rupees.
  • If you are able to Produce more than a Tone you can easily gain more money and more Profits in Tuna Fish Farming.
  • Furthermore, one cannot gain back all the investment in a single year. You require two years get back the whole money what you invested in Tuna Fish Farming.
Aspects of Tuna ProfitsCost in Rupees
Market Price of Tuna Fish150 rupees per kg
Wholesale Price of Tuna Fish110 to 120 rupees per kg
One Tone Tuna Fish wholesale Price1000 kg X 120 rs
Total Profits1,20,000 rupees
-You can earn profits from second yield.

This is all about the Profits of Tuna Fish Farming in India. If there are any new market price of Tuna Fish Farming we will let you know about the Current Market Price of Tuna Fish Farming in India. Still, if you are having any doubts you can comment your questions in the comments section.

Source: ResearchGate

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