Complete Guide of Tomato Cultivation/Farming for Beginners in India

Tomato Farming Guide for Beginners: Earlier, there was a stereotype among people about tomatoes as “witch fruits” i.e., poisonous. However, now they can be found in almost every part of the world. People have adopted these berries to a great extent and tomatoes occupied a prominent role in the human diet. So coming to the cultivation of these red fruits one can easily grow the tomato plants. Depending on the quantity required am categorizing the tomato cultivation into three types

  • Growing in pots/terrace garden/kitchen garden
  • Growing in greenhouse/poly house i.e. protected cultivation
  • Last is in Growing in the fields

Growing Tomatoes in Pots:

Do you want fresh tomatoes for your sandwich, salads then grow your own tomatoes all you need is a pot with stone/stubble free soil. Sow the seeds or plant a tomato plantlet, water it regularly, feed it with some manure and provide support by a stick when the first flower appears. In no more than 45 days your plant would be bearing beautiful clusters of tomato berries. See, it’s that simple plant it, water it, and feed it. It will provide shiny clusters of tomatoes to you. Furthermore, check below for the complete Tomato Farming Guide.

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Growing in Fields:

Are you looking to make money out of tomato cultivation? Great thought, all you need is little knowledge on market period i.e. demand period and brief knowledge of tomato cultivation. This will for sure yield you a fruitful income. Tomatoes are such plants that can be grown on different types of soils. Need not to worry if you don’t have any demand for your tomato produce, you can still generate a great income by processing the berries into ketchup, sauce etc. If you want to attract people to buy your produce, while cultivation use only manures and organic plant growth measures so that your produce will be organic. And who doesn’t want organic produce? It will for sure generate you a good profit.

Growing Tomatoes in Poly House | Growing Tomatoes in Green House:

If you want to include the technology and reduce the human involvement then greenhouse/poly house is best suited. This protected cultivation avoids the incidence of diseases and pests, and it also provides protection from heavy rainfall, heavy wind, and other natural hazards. Even though the initial cost of establishment is high the produce would be of high quality which attracts greater profits. It also decreases the burden of regular weeding and crop monitoring. Automation will human labor.

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How to Practice Tomato Farming Techniques:

There are certain things that one has to do to cultivate tomatoes. People try to know with the help of tomato cultivation in India pdf. But reading this guide will help you to know various tomato cultivation methods. Hence you can check the below information for successful commercial tomato cultivation in India | Tomato Farming Guide.

Land Selection and Preparation for Tomato Cultivation:

Tomatoes can be practically grown on any type of soils and it can also be grown on all seasons. However, tomatoes do good in warm season. Climatic factors affect different physiological factors of tomato like color, nutrient content, number of fruits etc…

The optimum temperature for seed germination is16-29 c, for seedling growth is21-24 c and for fruit set and growth is 20 to 24 c. soils should have good porosity and should be tilled up to 10 to 15 cm. at the time of plowing apply and incorporate farmyard manure or compost @ 20 to 25 t / ha. Npk fertilizer should be applied @ 75:40:20 kg/ha. Half of it should be applied as basal dose at the time of sowing and the remaining in two intervals of 30 days after the sowing period.

Tomato Farming Guide

Varieties & Hybrids for Tomato Farming:

Numerous varieties and hybrids are available in the market, one has to select depending on the desirable qualities required. Some of the common varieties and hybrids are listed in the below table. This is an important thing in this Tomato Farming Guide. Variety Hybrid
1 Arka (saurabh, vikas, ashish) Arka abhijit
2 Hisar (arun, lalit, anmol) Arka vishal
3 Pusa rubhi Arka vardhan
4 Shakti Rashmi
5 Narendra tomato1, Narendra tomato2 Vaishali
6 Solan gola Rupali
7 Pant bahar Naveen

Sowing in Tomato Farming | Planting in Tomato Cultivation:

Seeds of good quality should be preferred for sowing, prior o sowing seed should be made free of stubble and broken ones followed by required seed treatment like thiram @3gm/kg of seed, gibberellic acid@ 5-20 ppm, recommended seed rate is 400 to 500g / ha. Generally, ridges and furrows method of sowing or planting is adopted for tomato cultivation and the recommended spacing is 75X60 cm or 75X40 cm. Seedbed for raising seedlings should be of 60cm wide, 5-6 cm long. Tomato crop duration varies according to the varieties, some are early while some are late. Now check more in this Tomato Farming Guide to know more.

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Intercultural Practices in Tomato Cultivation in India:

  • Generally, 2 to 3 weedings at 15 to 20 days of an interval are enough
  • For moisture conservation, suppressing weed growth mulching with polythene or straw will do good.
  • In addition to the application of applying FYM and NPK spraying Jeevamruth @ 1:4 ratio to water at the time of flowering will boost the plant growth
  • Application of urea at the time of flowering will also result in greater yields.
  • Foliar application of neem oil is best in case of sucking pests like thrips and jassids incidence.
  • Follow Roughing of diseased plant parts in case of any disease or pest incidence.
  • Follow earthing up whenever the plants require support. One can identify the need to earthing up by observing any roots near the soil. If observed earthing up should be done.

Staking of Tomato Plants:

At the time of flowering stage, tomato plants grow vigorously and tend to bend down towards the soil. You have to give the Support to them by a bamboo stick or else by tying them to a support. Staking helps in easing of intercultural operations. It also helps in more number of fruit formation and increasing the whole quality and quality of produce.

Harvesting of Tomatoes:

One can harvest Tomatoes at different stages of fruit like green stage (suggested for the export purpose), yellow/pink stage (for distant markets) and full ripe/red stages (for immediate consumption). Prior to 2 days of harvesting, irrigation should be stopped. The most common method of harvesting in tomato plants is hand picking. Generally, more than 8 pickings can be done. However, it varies with variety to variety and hybrid to hybrid. You have to go for the Cold Storage to store the Tomatoes for better shelf life. Through post-harvest technology, you can produce Tomato sauce, ketchup making, and other commodities.

This is all about the commercial Tomato Farming Guide for any beginner in India. We hope we have given enough information to you regarding the Tomato cultivation in summer, tomato crop yield per acre, and other things. In case, if you have any doubts regarding the tomato farming guide, you can contact us via the comment section.

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