Tips to Start Organic Terrace Gardening in India

How to start Organic Terrace Gardening in India | Tips to start Organic Terrace Gardening in India: How to start kitchen Gardening at my Home. If you are going to start Terrace Gardening this the best place to know and get the proper and full information about the Terrace Gardening. While here we are going to discuss how to start the organic terrace gardening, Scope and importance of terrace gardening. We will also explain about Uses of terrace gardening, Methods of terrace gardening, Cultivation in terrace gardening. Here you will also get the information regarding Cost of terrace gardening. We hope you will get the whole information regarding the Organic terrace gardening. Terrace gardening is also Roof Gardening.

First, you are going to learn about Organic terrace gardening. So many people don’t know about terrace gardening and organic farming of vegetables and fruits in terrace gardening and they also don’t know about the organic farming of leafy vegetables too. Furthermore, if you are one of them then don’t worry, we are going to give the proper and brief information about the Organic Terrace Gardening. Here we go “Terrace Gardening is the process of cultivation of Organic Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables and Fruits in your own elevated portion of the house or on the terrace of your house or any other place specially made for organic gardening at your own house”.

This is the simplest process of cultivation of organic farming at your own premises or in your home. Now we are going to enter in the brief information of Organic Terrace Gardening at your own home. Furthermore, you are going to learn about Organic Farming, here Organic farming is the process of cultivation of Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables and fruits without using any chemical, Fertilizers, Pesticides and other harmful agents. While these products are free from all those harmful chemicals.

Terrace Gardening


Requirements of  Terrace gardening | Vegetable Gardening:

Now we are going to discuss the things and instruments which are used and required in the preparation of your own Organic Terrace Gardening. Furthermore, the following are simple tips and tricks for starting of organising Terrace or Roof gardening.

1. Land | Space  :

Before you start your Terrace gardening you have thought or determine the space of land what you required to prepare your garden. By that, you can analyse the number of pots or containers required to bring to set up your own terrace gardening.

2. Water :

Water plays the major role in this Terrace Gardening. So you have to build your own water tank at your home. You need to provide good water facilities to the plants which you are cultivating in your organic terrace garden.

3. Sunlight :

The place where you select to cultivate your crops in terrace garden, it also requires proper sunlight. Crops grow well and give more yield due to the presence of sunlight. So sunlight more essential for the Preparation of Organic Terrace Garden this is also required in the Roof gardening.

4. Shade Nets :

Plants require more sunlight but, during the summer season the temperature of sunlight is higher and it is dangerous to the crops. By using the Shade Nets you can cover the Roof of your garden. This shade net protects your crops from the high temperature of sunlight. This shade net is also useful during the rainy season too. Due the over rainfall the crops may become wet and decompose, these shade nets can stop the over rainwater falling on the garden. So, shade net is also an essential during the preparation of your organic roof gardening.

5. Tools and kits :

Before you start your garden, you have to realise that you should require some essential tools and gardening kits for mixing the soil, to pluck the flowers, fruits and vegetables without damaging the plants, cutting the dried leafs and stems without damaging the crops and plants. The essentials tools like rubber gloves, rake and sprayer, scissors, Training and Pruning kit are required before or during the during the Preparation of Organic Terrace Gardening | Kitchen Gardening.

6. Containers for  Kitchen Gardening :

Containers are more essential in your terrace gardening. the number of different types of containers is available in the market. You can select your own type of containers, maximum prefer lightweight so you can move from one place to other and choose pale or light colour containers because they absorb less heat from the sunlight. The plants like creepers and climbers require large pots. Tomatoes and Green chillies can be grown in the small-medium size pots. The leafy vegetables can be grown in the small size pots.

7. The Soil :

The soil is the primary and essential element for the preparation of organic Kitchen gardening. Don’t use any soil which is dug from your surroundings. Required soil should be made of all the essential nutrients and minerals. So have to go to the nearest Nursery and buy the soil for your roof gardening. You can also by Organic Compost, coco peat and mix into your soil for more minerals and nutrition.

Best Tricks to Start Terrace Gardening in India
8. Seed Trays :

If you are having more yields and you have plants more plants then you require this seed trays. Sow the seeds in these seed trays and leave it for few days then the germination of the seeds takes place. After the formation of the leafs, you can transfer those plants into the primary pots for the proper cultivation. If you don’t have enough money to buy these seed containers, then you can create your own ideas like using of small boxes, cardboard sheets, egg shells, citrus peels, cups of curd and sow the seeds in them. Definitely, you will get the double result.

9. Seeds :

you can buy the seeds from any nursery or from online stores. If you buying the plants make sure that the plants are healthy and strong. Before you buy these plants you to plan about the space and containers what you are going to cultivate and harvest in your Organic Terrace garden.

10. Organic Fertilisers or Bio-Fertilisers:

Some of the organic fertilizers like cow dung, compost mix, chicken manure, vermicompost, fish meal, Epsom salts, seaweed cake, cotton seed cake, neem cake, neem oil are used in the mixing of soil during the plantation of the organic crops.

These are the variable essential elements are required during the preparation of terrace or roof gardening. You can prepare this gardening at you home at different places like Balcony, Windows, Terrace, Roof, Entrance steps, Backyard, Any empty space, On your compound walls and so on.

Varieties of  Vegetables used to cultivate in Organic Balcony Gardening :

There are different types of vegetables are available in the market but not every vegetable is organic.You can buy the organic vegetables in the market but the cost of organic vegetables are too high. So we are going to give the information about the list of vegetables which are easy to cultivate in your own kitchen or Roof garden. The list of important Vegetables is given below.

Ladies Finger.
Green Chilli.
Yellow pepper.
Green pepper.
Spring Onions.
Bitter gourd.
Bottle gourd.
EVY gourd.

There are some other important vegetables are there and they are Leafy Vegetables. The list of important Leafy Vegetables is given below.

Fenu Greek leaves.
Mustard leaves.
Curry leafs.
Mint Leafs.
Broccoli Rabe.
Collard Green.
Bok choy.

These are the list of vegetables which are highly consumed by the people and they are having essential minerals, nutrients and highly full of valuable vitamins.

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Process to start the Organic Vegetable Gardening | Balcony Garden design ideas in India:

Tips to start terrace gardening: Terrace gardening is the most simple process to start at your home. We already have given the requirements, tools and kits to start the Roof gardening or Terrace gardening. Before you start your Terrace gardening you have to select the crops which you want to cultivate in your own Roof garden. For example take the Vegetable crops like Tomato, Potato, Onion and Ladies Finger or any other vegetables you needed. Now select the area of the open space located at your terrace or Roof or on your balcony. You can select the containers what u needed to crop the plants.

The containers should not be too heavy or weight. If they are heavy you cant move them, if you want to move from one place to another place. There are different types of containers, they are Plastic containers, Iron containers or some from the things of mud. These containers can found in the local Nursery. If you are unable to find the containers or if you cant afford to buy containers you can use poly bags. Poly bags are cheep in the market.

Select any container like plastic Buckets, poly bags and anything which can hold the soil. If you have selected Polybag then prepare it in the shape of the square box, rectangular box or triangular box. These boxes shapes give you a good design or beautiful look in your houses. After selecting the crops and containers, you have to select the soil. You should bring this soil from the local Nursery or from any online stores.

Roof Gardening Tips in India

After getting the soil add the soil into your containers or polybags. Before you add the soil make sure that you have to mix the soil along with the Organic fertilizers, we already have given the list of organic fertilizer. For example take few tips like cow dung, compost mix, chicken manure, vermicompost, fish meal, Epsom salts, seaweed cake, cotton seed cake mix all these organic fertilizers or add few fertilisers which are available to u as soon as possible. Mix the soil along with the addition of Organic fertilizers and add into the containers or polybags which you have selected.

After this process, one simple tip is to leave the containers in the open space for one whole night without adding water in it. The very next day in the morning take the seeds of the crops what you have selected to cultivate in your own terrace or roof gardening. Gently dig the soil up to 2 to 3 inches deep into the soil and add the seeds. Add different types seeds in different containers or polybags. Don’t mix the seeds or add the same seeds in the same container.

After the sowing, the seeds immediately don’t add the water into the soil. Let the containers free for the whole night without adding the water. After the completion of 24 hours add some water to those crop seeds what you have sowed in the containers. Repeat the same process until the germination of seeds takes place. Maximum the seeds will germinate within 3 to 4 days. After the germination of seeds cover newly germinated crops from a high temperature of sunlight and protect from the birds. For this process prepare the shade net on the roof of your terrace gardening.

Disadvantages of Terrace Gardening

Day by day by following the tips plants will grow easily, it takes maximum 2 to 3 months for the proper development of the crops. During these days you have checked and maintain the crops by pouring water daily and adding of the organic fertilizers weekly once. You have to remove the dry leafs and weeds whenever you have seen them. You just need to spend sometimes daily 20 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.

After the complete growth of the plants, you can harvest your own organic vegetables by using the same tools and kits without damaging the plants in your own terrace garden or roof garden. These are simple tips to start the Organic Terrace gardening or Roof gardening.

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Cost of  Terrace Gardening In India | Cost of  Vegetable Gardening :

  1. If you are going to start your own Terrace garden or Roof garden, then don’t worry about the cost of production of the terrace garden. The cost of terrace garden is low while comparing to other gardens.
  2. The cost of 10 containers will be around 1000 rupees.
  3. Furthermore, the cost of 10 different varieties of seeds will be up to 500 rupees.
  4. The cost of tools and kits will be 500 rupees.
  5. The cost of Organic fertilizers is up to 1000 rupees to 1500 rupees.
  6. Shade net will cost around 500 rupees to 700 rupees. It depends upon the meters and length.

Scope and Importance of Vegetable Gardening :

The other name of terrace gardening is Roof gardening. While coming to the normal people in their daily life every one is busy with their routine work, if they want to take rest or get relax from work they have to go for public parks and get relaxed. They feel the fresh air and feel good in gardens. If you have your own terrace garden you no need to go to all those gardens and parks. You can feel the good air and relaxed at your own green garden and that is Terrace garden.

At the same time, you can cultivate your own farm of vegetables and fruits without using any chemicals and fertilizers. These products are very beneficial to the health, they control all the health problems like Diabetes, Cancer, Heart attack, Abdominal pains, Headache and more. Organic farming of Terrace gardening is widely used in developed and underdeveloped countries due to the lack of chemicals. These practices are widely used in cities due to the lack of land and enough open space at their houses.

Terrace Gardening

Rooftop Garden Pros and Cons

If you want to take a free breath and fresh air then you no need to travel to others places like parks or any other public gardens. You no need to waste more money on those gardens and on that natural resorts.At the same time if you want to eat fresh organic Vegetables, Fruits you no need to search any Organic store you can prepare your own Organic store at your own house by starting Organic Terrace Gardening.

By starting the Terrace garden at your home it can solve both problems which are facing in your daily life. You no need to spend a lot of money on this terrace gardening. You no need to spend more time in this terrace gardening you have to spend 15 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes the evening. By spending the time here you can get rid out of your work and stress and you feel relaxed.

Reasons to start Organic Terrace Gardening at your own Home:

Here you are going to learn about the reasons why to start the terrace gardening. Most of the people think that ‘they have to do something to this mother Earth, They don’t know hoe how to help and protect the Earth. Terrace gardening will be the best reason to save the Earth from Global warming and Ecologically. You may think that gardening is the activity and daily practice of your grandparents because they have more and enough time to practice on your garden. If you didn’t start the Terrace gardening you may miss tons of benefits of terrace gardening. Here we are going to discuss 10 reasons why we need to start Organic Terrace Gardening.

1. Cook Varieties of  Vegetables From Organic Roof Gardening:

If you are not having Terrace Garden at your home you have to go to the local markets to buy Vegetables and Fruits. Mostly you prefer Meat and all other junk foods. so, by making your own Terrace or kitchen gardening at your home you can grow your own Organic Fruits and Vegetables. This cultivation process gives you more interest to eat what you have harvested at your home with your own hands. Ask your kids to eat their own greens and prepare their own gens and Veggies. By growing your own Vegetable garden can help your kids to develop the right attitude towards the importance of fresh Organic vegetables and fruits. This can encourage to eat the right food from the young age.

2. Healthy and Tasty Nutritious Food From Organic Terrace Gardening:

This is one of the most important reason. You can cook delicious food daily but u cant make it healthy. If you want to eat healthy and nutritious food you have to start terrace gardening. In this process, you can cultivate fresh Vegetables, which are free from Chemicals and Fertilizers. Furthermore, the vegetables can get more flavour and delicious taste in your food.

3. Burning of Calories and Stating Healthy and Fit From Organic Balcony Gardening:

If you are an employee and working whole the day may give you stress from sitting, travelling, continuously watching at your laptops. To get relief and strong you to waste your money by going to resorts and gym centres. Furthermore, if you have this Kitchen or Terrace garden you no need to waste that money you can get strong and fit by spending less time in your own gardening.

In this garden you can work on digging the soil, tilling the soil, mixing, potting, repotting the soil. By preparing the compost, by watering the plants, transplanting the plans and training and pruning of plants makes you a good workout daily and it doesn’t cost a single rupee or penny. By spending your time for one hour in your garden by doing all those works you can burn up to 300 to 400 calories every day in the morning and evening.

4. Hands Get Strong From Organic  Kitchen Gardening:

This reason might be little silly to you. As we grow old we lose our energy and strength of our hands. Instead of losing our energy we can gain or maintain our strength by working in your green terrace garden. While, by training and pruning or cutting the plants, Digging and Mixing the soil we can maintain our muscle power of our hands. This might be a natural exercise to maintain your Health, Power and Strength, instead of wasting your money on Gym. Also, by practising all these works daily keeps your hands strong and strength for a long time.

5. Gain Vitamin D From Organic Roof Gardening | Kitchen Gardening:

If you work in your Terrace Garden at least for 30 minutes daily in the morning you will get Vitamin-D from the sunlight. Due to the lack of Vitamin-D in your body, it may lead to several Heart diseases and it leads to getting stress from the work and depression. This vitamin-D controls Asthma, Heart diseases, Strengthen bones, controls the Sugar levels in the body.

6. Get Good and Hygenic Bacteria From Organic Terrace Gardening | Vegetable  Gardening:

Nowadays people are living in the modern culture. They are getting clean and being hygienic, by killing bacteria they can be free from variable diseases. If you are having Terrace Gardening at your home you are very close to the bacteria namely Mycobacterium Vaccae. If you are having Terrace Garden at your home you can feel this bacteria. When the rain starts you can feel the beautiful smell of mud or soil this is due to the Mycobacterium Vaccae.

7. Relation and Bonding with the Family Increases From Organic Vegetable Gardening :

If you are having Terrace Garden at your home then try to work in the garden along with your family members, from this you can feel free and get relaxed by spending the time along with your family. At the same time, you can teach your kids about the importance of Terrace gardening. Furthermore, the bonding between your family increases and gardening will be the good memories in your life.

Disadvantages of Terrace gardening | Disadvantages of Vegetable Gardening:

While coming to the disadvantages of Roof gardening or Kitchen gardening you need more space of empty land. Most of the people who live in cities prepare their kitchen gardening at their homes. If you start your organic garden on the roof of your it may lead to a small problem, like the weight of the garden. If the garden is too heavy it may lead to the effect on the basement of your house. In cities, the consumption of water is more so you cant effort more water to your organic garden. The organic garden requires more water. At the same time, you have to prepare a small drainage system to your roof garden. During the summer season, due to the high temperature of sunlight your crops will be damaged. Further to overcome this problem prepare shade net on the roof of the terrace garden.

Conclusion :

Here we are going to enter into the final conclusion of this Organic Roof or Terrace gardening.  While people used to call it as Vegetable or Balcony gardening. Finally, you have learned a valuable information about the organic Roof gardening. We have given a number of tips to start the organic terrace gardening. We hope that you will follow the information what we have given to you. If you are going to start your own terrace garden then follow our tips. Furthermore, if you like our fruitful information like our website and If you are having any problems or any questions or any doubts regarding this terrace gardening, you can comment your questions below this article.

At the same time if you want to know the information about ‘How to start cow dairy farm and How to start Beekeeping | Apiculture in India‘. Please comment your questions we are always here and ready to give  further information to you at any time. Furthermore, if you like our information please share the information with your family or friends by social network.  Further more Thank you for spending time and viewing our information.

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