How To Start Duck Farming In India | Tips to Start Commercial Duck Farm

How To Start Duck Farming In India: Are you thinking about How To Start Duck Farming In India? We will provide the right information on duck rearing. Earlier we have provided you with the information on the Disadvantages of Duck Rearing in India. We hope that that article has helped you. With this guide on Duck Farming in India, we hope that you will get a proper idea to start. With this Beginners Guide to Keeping Ducks, you will know how to get profitable returns with minimal investments in your area.

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Types of Duck Rearing in India:

Duck rearing systems are divided into 2 types. To start the duck rearing one should be aware of the rearing systems because it gives an outline of how ducks are going to be raised based on our economical inputs.

  1. Extensive System
  2. Semi-Intensive and Intensive

Start Duck Farming

Extensive System of Duck Rearing in India

In India this is the most suitable type of duck rearing used by the landless farmers and poor people and this system doesn’t need housing nor feeding systems. The ducks are fed near the waterways, harvested paddy fields or also any type of grain fields. Grains like Sorghum, Paddy and another type of non-usable grains are fed to give them a good nutrition.

Housing – these are made by inexpensive means like Bamboo or other type enclosures like sticks and leaves

Semi-Intensive and Intensive Systems of Duck Rearing:

In India, farmers use this Semi-Intensive and Intensive System of Duck Farming in less intensity. These systems are best for the Commercial Purposes.

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Brooding, Rearing and Housing of Duck Farming:

Brooding (0-4 Weeks):

The layers like of Khaki Campbell ducklings brooding period is 3 to 4 weeks. Furthermore, for meat type ducklings like Pekin, brooding for 2 to 3 weeks is enough.

Rearing (15-16 Weeks):

Under the intensive system, allow a floor space of 3 square feet up to 16 weeks of age. Under the semi-intensive system, a floor space of 3 square feet per bird is best in the night shelter. While 10 to 15 square feet as outside run per bird up to 16 weeks of age.

Housing to Start Duck Farming in India:

Ducks do not require elaborate houses. You have to make sure that there is proper ventilation at the same time it is dry and rat proof. Furthermore, the Shed type, gable or half round type of Roof is best for the Duck Rearing in India. While Solid or Wire floors are common in India for the Rearing of Ducks for Meat and Eggs.

Under the semi-intensive system, the house should have easy access to outside run as the ducks prefer to be outdoors during the daytime and even during winter or rains.

Feeding and Nutrition in Duck Farming in India

Coming to Feed of Ducks, you have to give dry mash, a combination of dry and wet mash or pellets. Ducks prefer wet mash which is easy to swallow. The pellet feeding, though slightly costly, has distinct advantages such as saving in the amount of feed, minimum wastages, saving in labour, convenience and improvement in sanitary conditions. Always provide surplus drinking water when you provide feed to the ducks.

Feed the ducks based on their age with

  • Starter Mash
  • Grower Mash
  • Layer Mash

The above information has covered most of the topics in the Duck Farming in India. If you want furthermore information on the Duck Rearing in India, then you can check the below link.

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