How to Start Fish Farming In India | Fish Farming Info Guide for Beginners

How to start Fish Farming In India: If you are going to start the business on fish farming. Then this is the best place to know the proper information regarding small-scale fish farming. Fish farming is not an easy process it requires more money and water. Always its better to start small-scale fish farming. This gives more profit while comparing to large-scale farming. After getting profits its better to implement your business to large-scale fish farming. Furthermore, for more information click the link below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fish Farming In India

Preparation of Fish Pond in India | Fish Pond Preparation in India:

Before you start the farming you have to prepare the ponds in which the fishes can grow easily. The preparation of fish pond is not an easy process it is having some risk and manual work is more. Nowadays the technology is well developing so you can prepare fish pond by using modern technology or machines.

Fishpond plays the major role in culturing the fishes. If you are having an old farm then you can culture in it. These ponds are of two types seasonal ponds and permanent ponds. These seasonal ponds do not contain water we have to fill time to time or seasonally regarding culturing of fishes. While coming to permanent ponds choose a small lake or try to prepare a small lake which is nearly available to you. For this, you no need to change water it completely depends upon the rainwater.

Pond Cleaning: The must me be neat and clean before you fill with water. After filling the water the bottom of the ponds may occur fungus or any types of bacteria. For that, you have noticed that and clean time to time.

Selection of  Fish Breeds in India | Types of  Fish Breeds  In India:

Well, selection of breeds is the most important thing. Try to select the fish breeds which are having more demand in your area. Some of the fishes which are having more demand in India are.

  • Rohu
  • Catla
  • Murrel Fish
  • Pulasa
  • Catfish
  • Koi fish
  • Tuna
  • Silver carp
  • Grass carp
  • Mrigal
  • River Eel
  • Salmon
  • Hilsa

These are the varieties of fishes in India. Furthermore, they can grow in any climatic conditions and in any situations in India.

Start Fish Farming

Poly Culture in India:

This is the process of growing of two or more varieties of fish breeds in the same pond. Nowadays this is an upcoming booming business in India.

Maintainance of Fishes  In India  | Maintainance of  Fish Ponds In India:

This is the most difficult process to maintain the fishes in the pond.

  • You require a number of labours.
  • Well, you have to clean the ponds weekly once or twice in every month.
  • A special care has to be taken while growing and feeding the fishes.
  • Furthermore, the PH value of the water in the pond should be maintained up to 7 to 8 this is the optimum value of the water.
  • You have to protect the [pond from the predators.
  • If one fish is having any disease the other fishes may also effect due to contamination of water.
  • Well, the diseases can be protected by applying salt, Potassium permanganate solutions by mixing or by treating the water.

Fish Feeding In India | Types of Fish Feeding In India:

This is the most typical process to feed the fishes, for this, you require more labour.

  • While coming to the feed of fishes you have to concentrate on the feeding of fishes what they require to eat.
  • Most of the people choose the excretory products of hens and ducks.
  • You can collect or buy that waste from any local poultries.
  • Well, you also maintain some healthy nutrients and minerals to the fishes in your pond.
Minerals and NutrientsRequirement per kg dry diet

Well, these are the minerals and nutrients which are going to be feed to your fishes in your fish farming. By Giving all these minerals and feed to the fishes they will be in good health. Furthermore, within a span of  6 to 8 months or in 1 year the fishes are ready to harvest. Then you can catch or collect the harvest of your fish farming into the market.

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Fish Marketing In India | Marketing of Fishes In India:

Fish marketing or marketing of fishes in India is not an easy process. Well, for this process, you should know how the people are preferring their own varieties of fishes to eat. Also, you no need to do a big survey about what people are preferring what is the taste of people. Furthermore, go to any fish market and learn the people how the market their fishes, at the same time what types of varieties are buying by the customers.

These local markets are easily available to the fish farmers. If you sell your product of fishes in this market the profit will be less while compare to exporting. Furthermore, Fish meat can be processed to add value-added products. Well, customers prefer value-added goods and products of any product. Since fish is the major dish in India, so customers prefer more processed products of fishes.

well, the advantage of the local market is selling price and this will not disturb the farmers. Furthermore, you can gain more income if your products are good in quality and quantity.

Conclusion on How to Start Fish Farming in India:

Well, these the important types of fish breeds in India. At the same time, we described how to start fish farming in India. Next, we are going to describe the cost of setting up Fish Farming in India. Furthermore, If you are having any doubts you ask any questions regarding Fish Farming. Apart from the information How to Start Fish Farming in India, you can click the below link.

What is the Fish Farming Setup Costs in India

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