How to Start Commercial Cricket Farming Business Guide in India

Tips to Start Cricket Farming Guide in India: Cricket Farming is rearing or cultivation of Cricket Insects. Crickets are the rich source of Proteins and Vitamins. In the recent times, those proteins and Vitamins are lacking n our daily diet. This has led to the demand for Crickets as a source of Proteinaceous Food. It is easy to Start Cricket Farming Business. It is the commercial rearing of Crickets. We require little steps in order to Start Cricket Farming. Crickets are good healthy foods. One can also go for Cricket Farming in the Kitchen Garden so that they can prepare their own Health Food source.

In the last post, you got to know about the scope of Cricket Farming Business. As the demand for Cricket Farming Business is increasing rapidly, we have up with this post. In this article, we will let you know the simple and easy procedure to Start this Cricket Farming. However, one should take proper care and management in order to gain more profits in Commercial Cricket Farming.

Scope Of Cricket Farming Business

How to Start Cricket Farming Guide for Beginners:

Here in this section, you will see different things that you should follow to Start Cricket Farming Guide Business for Beginners in India. Hence, have a look at the below section to know more.

Cricket Farming Shed

The shed or home for Crickets plays an important role in Cricket Farming. However, Crickets also require less space as we compare with other FarmingBusinessess. Less home requirement is very advantageous for the Cricket Farmer. 52 liters of Tank or Basin is necessary. In order to keep the Crickets free from escaping place the slides over the Crickets Bin. Choose the Crickets Bin that depends on the Crickets from jumping out of the Bin.

Cricket Bin is fixed with a simple and shallow water dish to provide water for the Crickets. Make sure that the Crickets won’t drown in the Water dish. At last, make sure for proper ventilation in the Cricket rearing Bins. ventilation provides easy breathing for the Crickets. Therefore, go for Effective Cricket Bin Construction.

Start Cricket Farming Guide

Where to Buy Crickets

After construction of Crickets House, you must go for purchasing Crickets.  It is better to Star Cricket Farming with 500 Crickets as a startup. Maintain 30-degree Celsius within the Cricket House after bringing the Crickets. You can buy Crickets at any Insects research station or visit the Crop protection institute. however, you can also purchase online at or, and Click here if you wish to Buy Crickets Online.

Feeding Of Crickets

Crickets feeding plays a major role in Commercial Cricket Farming as it leads to the gaining of a weight of the Crickets that ultimately leads to the Income Returns in Cricket Farming Business. First of all figure out the necessity of cricket Farming either for home purpose or Commercial Cricket Farming. For Commercial Cricket Farming, feed the Crickets with the Cucumbers, Pumpkins, carrots, leaves etc that suits the Crickets. The taste of Crickets depends on what they Eat. So, consider feeding of crickets in Commercial Cricket Rearing.

Maintaining Maternity Area For The Crickets

Select the proper area for maternating or mating arrangement for the Crickets. It leads to egg laying of the crickets. crickets lay eggs that mostly depends on the availability of moisture. Sprinkle the base of the Crickets bin with the soil and place the tray on to it. Spray or Sprinkle the water on to it. Spray the water at regular intervals of time periods. The eggs of the Crickets seems like tiny grains. alter remove the trays with Eggs for their incubation.

Incubating The Crickets Eggs

After laying of eggs, they are collected and set for incubation. Incubate the Crickets Eggs in 905 Rh. Place a heater or heat lamp below the tray with Eggs of crickets. However, Incubating the Eggs of Crickets in Artificial Incubators is good. Incubation of Crickets eggs is done for a period of 7 to 10 Days. However, one must also make sure of spraying or sprinkling water over the tray in order make the Crickets Eggs hatch.

Raising Of Crickets

After hatching, raise the newly born Crickets in separate chambers in order to make sure less mortality of Crickets. Feed the baby Crickets with small food pieces in order to make sure they feed on them. However, you can also sell them to any farmer who is willing to Start Commercial Cricket Farming Business. In order to gain huge income returns in Cricket Farming, you can also add them back to your own Cricket Farming

Conclusion: This is the information on How to Start Cricket Farming Guide in India. In the next post, we will come up with more information on Tips for Commercial Crickets Rearing.

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  1. I am very much interested and i have also collected some crickets. But i have a doubt whether it requires any permit or licence.

  2. People laughed at me when I said about cricket farming an year ago. But in India who was is going to buy and eat crickets???

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