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How to Start Commercial Pig Farming in India: Pig Farming is domesticating and Breeding of Pigs for meat purpose. Of all the livestock species, Pig Farming is the efficient source of meat production. After Broiler, Pigs are the efficient feed converter. Recent times, Commercial Pig Farming has changed the social scenario of this business in India.

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Pig Farming is the best and profitable business idea for the people. Earlier we have written about Pros and Cons of Piggery Raising in India. With that, you will know Why to Start Swine Raising Farm in India. But not many know How to start Pig Farming in India. Many of you have queries like How to start a Piggery Farm, Piggery Farm Guide and like so. No worries, since we have given the information regarding Steps to Start Commercial Pig Farming in India.

Different Aspects to Start Pig Farming in India:

There are many aspects you have to look into before you start Pig Farming business. Hence we have enlisted such aspects which will help you in starting a Pig Farming Business in India.

Breed Selection to Start Commercial Pig Farming:

It is the foremost step you should consider. Breed selection plays an important role in Commercial Pig Farming. Visit the local Animal Husbandry Department or KVK to have training and knowledge regarding Pig Farming. In addition, local knowledge is the better option to select. Furthermore, the List of Pig Breeds is in the below section. While you have to start with high productive Pig Breeds.

Pig Breeds
  1. Large white Yorkshire  (Large sized. Expensive. Exotic Pig Breed.
  2. Excellent breed for cross-breeding).
  3. Hampshire (Highly meat productive. Whitish colour).
  4. Banmpudke
  5. Chwanche
  6. Hurra
  7. White Yorkshire (Fast growing breed. Mostly used In India).
  8. Duroc
  9. Bandel Pygme
  10. Wild Boar/ Jungle Bandel.

Start Commercial Pig Farming

Local market Research

  • Consult the nearby Pork processing industry before establishing the Pig Farming business.
  • Estimate the income returns from that.

Land selection

  • Select the suitable land is the first step to consider.
  • Ensure availability of water in the selected area.
  • Better to select a land at a rural location.
  • Make sure of good transportation facilities.
  • Veterinary hospital facilities should be nearer to the Pig Farm.

Feed Management

Feeding plays an important role in Commercial Pig Farming. Oats, grains, wheat, rice bran, millets are the basic food ingredients for the Pigs. To increase the productivity you can also add feed supplements. You should also provide Adequate water along with the feed at regular intervals of time. Take extra care during lactation period of the Pigs. Castration is done for Pigs for 3 to 4 weeks old.

Quantity of Feed (Kg)Pig Body weight (kg)

Housing management

  • Adequate housing is an important role for Pig Farming Business.
  • One adult Pig requires an area of one square metre.
  • You should also make sure of Proper ventilation system within the shed.
  • Proper housing and its management help in keeping Pigs free from various types of diseases.

Water Management

  • Adequate and clean water must provide to increase the Pork productivity.
  • For the continuous supply of water, construct overhead water tank.

Animal ClassRequired area per animalWater Requirement (litre)
Boar6.25 - 7.545.5
Dry sow1.8-2.74.5-5.5

Disease management

Timely vaccination and medication avoid the entry of diseases into the Piggery. While all the pigs are vaccinated at the age of 2 to 4 weeks against Swine fever. Furthermore, Common Pig disease and control of Pig diseases is in the table below.

Disease of PigCausal organismSigns and symptomsControl
DiarrhoeaColi bacillosisSudden deathProvide warm areas for pigs. Vaccination at time periods for gilts/sow.
Hypo GlycaemiaDue to starvationWeakness and death of Pigs.give feed supplements, Dextrose treatment.
Swine DysenteryBacteriaReduced growth rate. Sudden death.Give I, V, F antibiotics. Reduce stress for Pigs. vaccinate at regular intervals.
Proliferate Enteropathy (PE)Iletis pathogenBlood DiarrhoeaAntibiotics.
Internal ParasitesRingworms, Whipworms, RoundwormsPneumoniaParisticides use.
LamenessPremature culling causes this disease.Mummification and piglets are week born.None

Labour Management

  • Labour plays a key role in Commercial Pig Farming.
  • Make sure the use of hand gloves, mask and cap for the labourers in the shed.
  • Furthermore, Make sure that the labourers should have well trained.


The demand for Pork is increasing day by day. While it is easy to sell the products at the nearby market. One can also export the Pork produced. Since the Export value of pork is high, this is the best option.

We hope this is a standard reference article for Pig Farming project in India. While if you have any further doubts regarding How To Start Commercial Pig Farming in India, then comment in the below box. Furthermore, check the below link to know more about Piggery Farming in India.

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