How to Start Buffalo Dairy Farming | Buffalo Dairy Farm Guide for Beginners

How to Start Buffalo Dairy Farm in India: In the previous post, we have given all the information regarding scope and importance of dairy farming. In addition, we have also given the knowledge regarding Advantages and Disadvantages of Dairy Farming in India. As every region of the country is suitable for dairy farming, you can establish the dairy farm with an ease. However, due to lack of knowledge and information people are facing issues in setting up Buffalo Dairy Farm. Hence you should have some awareness of all the basics to establish the Buffalo dairy farm. Hence, we have provided it in this post. It is clearly explained in the following steps.

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Different Aspects to Start Buffalo Dairy Farm in India

There are many aspects that you have to look into before you start Buffalo Dairy Farm. We have enlisted them in the below part which will help you. Hence without wasting you can check them.

1. Breed Selection For Buffalo Dairy Farm

It is the first and foremost step everyone should consider. Especially, breed selection plays an important role in Dairy Farming. If you don’t have the knowledge regarding breed selection, visit the local animal husbandry department or KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendra). You should also list out the breeds that suit your locality. Local knowledge is the best way to choose. For selecting a breed, you have to chalk out Time and Economic yield. We have provided the List of Buffalo Breeds in the below section.

Indigenous or local breeds like
  • Murrah
  • Nili Ravi
  • Mehsana
  • Nagpuri
  • Toda
  • Surti
  • Jaffrabadi.
Exotic breeds like
  • Coss Jersey Cross
  • HF (Holstein Frieser)

Start Buffalo Dairy Farm

2. Local Market Research

  • If you start the dairy farm with fewer buffalos, first of all, consult the nearby milk dealers to sell your product.
  • Estimate the expected income returns.

3. Land selection and Shed management

For green fodder, you have to cultivate the land of 2 acres to feed 14 to 16 buffaloes. For the Fodder crops, you can cultivate fodder plants like Hybrid Napier, Pod variety of Maize, fodder sorghum.

4. Feed Management

  • Probably, buffaloes require 4% to 6% of their weight in forage. Rather than purchasing a farm for forage crops, hiring the farm is economical.
  • While most of the people know about the Fodder cultivation and Silage Making procedure for Buffalo Dairy Farm. Silage is made from green fodder which is fed especially in dry periods. Buffaloe prefers green fodder than dry fodder. In addition, for extra nutrition, they are given feed concentrates.
Milk Yields of various Buffaloe Breeds
BreedMilk yield (lt/lactation)

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5. Water management

Consequently, you have to provide clean and adequate water facilities for higher milk yield. Therefore, you have to construct the overhead tanks on the shed for a continuous supply of water.

6. Labour Management

  • Labour plays a major role because they act as a great source of infestation in the dairy shed. You have to select the most noteworthy labours who are skilful.
  • Maintain hygienic conditions within the shed. Especially, one has to sterilize their hands just before the milking.
  • One has to use Handgloves, mask, the cap in the shed.

7. Disease Management in Buffalo Farm

To ensure buffaloes free from various types of infectious diseases, you have to draw the vaccination schedule. You must hire a veterinary doctor for this purpose. While you have to give proper medicines and vaccines to control various types of diseases.

Diseases of buffalo
  • Diarrhoea/calf scours/enteritis, Anemia, Hypomagnesemia, Navel-ill, Calf Pneumonia/Enzootic bronchitis are the major diseases.
  • Endoparasites like roundworms, lungworms and tapeworms also attack them.

Conclusion on Buffalo Dairy Farming Business:

Therefore, these are the noteworthy steps to start Buffalo Dairy Farm. If you want more information on the same, click the below link.

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