How Much does it Cost to Start a Buffalo Dairy Farm in India

Cost of Starting a Dairy Farm in India: As compared to other livestock production business like Cow Dairy in India, Buffalo Dairy Farm Cost is less. Since there is a lot of scope and importance for buffalo milk in India, it is a booming business in the country. On the positive side, to gain huge income margins, most of the people are getting into this business field.

In the last article, we have provided information regarding, How To Start buffalo dairy Farm in India. Most of them don’t know other aspects. For example, How much does it cost to start a buffalo dairy farm? How much money can you make at buffalo dairy farming?  profit and margins from it are the common questions that arise in everyone’s mind? With this intention, we have provided all the information for most of the queries that arise in every startup entrepreneur’s mind.

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By keeping in view of realities like how to treat and raising buffaloes allows you to maximize your profits? it is better to start a buffalo dairy with 10 buffaloes in 1st phase of your business. Freshly calved female buffaloes in first or second lactation should be purchased. For second phase purchase of buffaloes, however, one should give a gap of six months. In order to feed 10 buffaloes, you must have 1 acre of forage crop. For 10 buffaloes you require 400 to 500 sq.ft. diary shed. Hence check the below calculate the cost starting a dairy farm in India.

Cost and Expenditure to Establish Buffalo Dairy Farm:

On the contrary, detailed information regarding all the aspects of establishing a buffalo dairy farm is given below

Dairy shed construction cost
  • For mild steel painted prefab type, it costs Rs.300/sq.ft.
  • For steel, prefab types its Rs. 140/sq,ft.
  • For modular panel built with FRP or Steel or wood, it is Rs.160/sq.ft.
  • For online purchase, you can check out at

Buffalo Dairy Farm Cost

Cost of various buffalo breeds in India
  • Murrah buffalo is the high milk yielding buffalo breed in India.
  • Murrah buffalo with 20 litres per day is 90,000 per unit.
  • Black heifer buffalo is 30,000 per unit.
  • Jaffrabadi buffalo is 80,000 per unit.
  • Murrah buffalo with 15 litres daily milk yield is Rs.30,000 per unit.
  • Desi buffalo breed is 25,000 per unit.
Cost of Feed

For instance, the price of feed during lactation and dry period is given in the table below.

Feed typePrice/kgRequired Quantity (per day/animal)Cost (Rs.)
Dry fodder2612
Green fodder32575
Feed typePrice/kgRequired Quantity (perday/animal)Total cost (Rs.)
Green fodder32060
Dry fodder2510
Concentrate feed15115

In addition, cattle feed supplement granules, a herbal galactagogue under brand name Dudh Nahar is suggested and given to increase the buffalo milk yield. It is available in pure organic form. The product has many benefits viz., Increases the milk yield, Optimizes the immunity and health of the animals,  100% herbal and natural product based on indigenous knowledge of Indian tribesmen, maintains the acid-base balance of the gut, No side effect on cattle fertility, Non-hormonal, Non-toxic & Non-steroidal. It is exclusively available online at Indiamart. com under brand name DudhNahar and costs Rs.310 per kg.

Cost of labour

On an average to maintain a dairy farm with 10 buffaloes you require two labourers. Cost of single labour is Rs.250 for male and Rs.200 for females.

Miscellaneous Costs
  • It includes consultation charges of the veterinary doctor, cost of vaccines and medicines etc.
  • Ivermectin bolus an antibiotic to control internal parasites costs Rs.42/lt. In general, medical costs for a buffalo per month is around Rs.100.
  • Insurance coverage @5 percent of the animal or breed value.

Calculate the Buffalo Dairy Farm Cost:

Input DetailsCost (Rs.)
Total area covered by 10 buffalos @ 500 sq.ft.50,000
Construction of shed @500 sq.ft. 1,00,000 (200 per sq,ft.)
Office room and Store room construction20,000
Cost of 10 Murrah Buffaloes on average @ 50,000 per animal5,00,000
Equipment cost like milking machines, accessories, etc.1,00,000
Electricity setup10,000
Sanitary measures10,000
Borewell and water tank construction cost15,000
Cost of chaff cutter to cut green and dry fodder15,000
Feed costs for 10 buffaloes per year50,000
Vaccination and medical costs10,000
Miscellaneous costs @ 1,000 per animal10,000
Insurance premium @5 % of the animal cost for 10 animals25,000
Total Cost9,15,000


By all means, especially calculate the cost to enumerate all the expenditures in buffalo dairy farm business. We hope that this guide on Buffalo Dairy Farm Cost for Beginners is helpful. Furthermore, check the below link to know more about the Buffalo Dairy Farming in India.

Expected Income Returns in Buffalo Dairy Farm in India

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