How to Start Broiler Poultry Farm in India

How to Start Broiler Poultry Farm: For a startup entrepreneur, housing is an important factor to consider to establish a new broiler farming business. You will also face some questions like how to build a poultry house, what are the techniques to set up a broiler poultry farm. Other than these, what are the poultry farming equipment, how to start a poultry farm are the common questions for every entrepreneur. Once you read all these aspects, you will come to know that it is not that easy to have a proper poultry housing plans before setting up of a broiler poultry farm.

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Procedure to Start Broiler Poultry Farm Business:

Types of Broiler Poultry Housing:

Usually, there are three types of broiler poultry farming systems which suit for the environmental conditions in India.

  1. Extensive farming system
  2. Intensive farming system
  3. Semi-Intensive farming system

Start Broiler Poultry Farm

Formulate a Business Plan:

If you want to Start Broiler Poultry Farm Business, then planning is one of the most important things to consider. This tells you to achieve your goals by setting up a boiler farming business. It is also a plan to operate the business to reach the niche market.

Selection of Breeds For Broiler Chicken Poultry Farm:

You have to select the breeds on the basis of the environmental conditions of the locality. You have to select One-day-old chicks for your poultry. Some of the examples for Broiler breeds are as follows

  • Vencobb,
  • Suguna,
  • Cariboo,
  • Babcobb,
  • Krishibro,
  • Hiero

Construction of Broiler Poultry Shed:

Selection of site plays a major role in broiler poultry farming. If you are selecting a site, then make sure that it is spacious. The site that you will select should have no Industries or polluting agents in the nearby vicinities. The site should have easy access to the nearby market yard. It also should have proper transportation facilities. To avoid the water logging conditions in the rainy season, you have to select a site in an elevated area.

Tips to Start Broiler Poultry Farm in India

You have to select a site where water supply is continuous. The power supply must be continuous. Make sure that the Design of the shed for broiler poultry farming is in such a way that there are proper ventilation and aeration within the shed. The length of the shed should face the East-West direction in order to make an easy movement of natural air within the shed.

There are two types of Poultry shed constructions: Deep Litter System or Cage system.

For the construction of deep litter housing system, the birds face no restrictions, they can roam freely in the poultry shed providing an area of 1sq.ft. for one single bird. Repeatedly spreading of sawdust material or bran is beneficial in indoor booths. This act as a bedding material for the flock. As the birds do defecate in and it is soiled, new layers of littering materials are added by the worker. In Cage rearing system, you can raise the poultry birds in smaller components of wire netting. They are nothing but Cages. This system is very effective for layer farming than broiler farming business.

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Feeding of Broiler Chickens:

1. Feeding management of broiler chicken plays a major and crucial role in poultry chicken farming.
2. It is the major cost of inputs in broiler chicken production.
3. Furthermore, it has the direct effect on the meat productivity of the poultry birds.
4. For effective commercial poultry production, feeding management is an important consideration.
5. Since Improper feeding management leads to susceptibility of the flock to diseases, you should be careful regarding the feed.

Types of Feed For Poultry birds:
  • Pre-Starter is for birds of age day 1 to 10 days,
  • Starter Feed is for birds of age 11 to 22 days,
  • While the finisher is for birds of age 23 – 45 days or till marketing.

Best Ideas to Start Broiler Poultry Farm in India

6. Furthermore, Effective Microorganism (EM) liquid is a feed supplement for poultry birds. While EM liquid is a brown colour which is helpful for better broiler production.
7. Furthermore, the liquid helps in gaining body weight of the birds, helps in maintaining shed free from flies, ticks, and diseases.
8. While you have to apply this Effective Microorganism (EM) liquid along with the feed in gms per kg feed and with feeding water.

Marketing of Broiler Chicken:

You can market these Broiler Poultry birds at the nearby market yard or to the poultry dealers. The door to door delivery is also one of the options which depend on the locality. Also, the price of the end product, the broiler bird depends on the weight of the bird which will be around 1.7 to 2.5 kg. Furthermore, if all the management practices are effective, the startup entrepreneur will get higher margins.

These are the different aspects that you have to take care while you are trying to start Broiler Poultry Farm in India. Furthermore, you can check the below link to know the How much investment is required for poultry farming in India?

How much Investment is required for Poultry Farming in India?

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