Advantages and Disadvantages of Sericulture in India | Drawbacks of Sericulture

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sericulture in India: Sericulture is one of the ancient methods of producing Silk. We all know that the Method of Sericulture has come from the China. But Indians have owned this a long back. Now we have our very own Sericulture areas which produce high-quality silk in the world. The main drawback of Sericulture in India is most of the farmers never look up to it on a commercial scale. But it is one of the easiest ways to earn money in the Agribusiness sector. Hence now we are going to let you know about the economic value of sericulture and disadvantages of sericulture ppt. By the end of the Sericulture Disadvantages, you will have an idea about the Limitations of Sericulture.

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Importance of Silk Rearing | Importance of Sericulture:

  • It generates employment opportunity for the unemployed individuals in your locality
  • We could take our invested money back in the short period of time.
  • Higher profits return
  • Women empowerment by providing them employment.
  • They are non-hazardous to the environment

Advantages and Uses of Sericulture:


  • Thread-like structure from the cocoon is what we call as Silk.
  • Silk fibres are the primary ingredient in producing Silk Clothes like Sarees etc.
  • The use of Silk is also in the manufacturing fishing fibres, parachutes, filter cloth.
  • In the medical field, Silk is very helpful in the manufacturing suture materials and dressing materials.
  • In the military field, it is used in manufacturing cartridge bags.
  • It is also used in manufacturing insulation coils of telephone and tyres of race cars respectively.

Silkworm Oil:

  1. You can obtain Silkworm oil from the died pupa.
  2. While this Silkworm Oil is pretty much helpful in the manufacturing soaps.
  3. You can also make them into concentrate cake which is the best feed in the Poultry Farming.

Silkworm Faeces (or) Excreta:

  • It is a rich source of vitamin E AND K, polysaccharides, amino acids such as lysine and alpha-glucosidase inhibitor.
  • While with the help of Silkworm faeces, we can prepare¬†Acid-resistant plastic sheets.
  • You can also mix these Silkworm faeces with cow dung and used in gobar gas (or) biogas production.

Disadvantages of Sericulture | Drawbacks of Sericulture:

  • Since the Sericulture requires closed rooms, workers have to work in rooms with poor ventilation. This results in the respiratory problems to those workers.
  • Workers handle the dead worms with their bare hands. This will lead to different illness and infection.
  • During a process where cocoons are kept in hot water to loosen the silk fibres. During this workers have to keep their hands directly into the water to check the cocoons which will lead to secondary infection.
  • Workers have to work for longer periods of time, like 12-16 hours a day. This will result in severe back pains and also in legs.
  • People who do not have proper knowledge will face difficulty in handling the silkworms.
  • If there is a disease, other worms might get the affection.

Conclusion of Sericulture Disadvantages and Advantages:

These are the different Advantages and Sericulture Disadvantages in India. We hope that this guide on the Drawbacks of Sericulture is helpful to you. Click on the below link to know more.

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