What is the Cost of Sericulture Cultivation In India

What is the Sericulture Cultivation Cost in India: As you compare with other Agribusiness production like mushroom production, the Cost of Sericulture Farming is comparatively high. However, the margins are also high in Sericulture business. Since there is a great demand for silk, many people are getting into this Sericulture Cultivation.

Most of us know How to start Sericulture Cultivation in India. However, most of us have queries of cost-benefit analysis of sericulture, the economics of silkworm rearing and cost of mulberry cultivation. No worries, in this post you will get to know all about that.

Sericulture Cultivation Cost in India:

Sericulture Farming includes rearing of silkworm and cultivation of Mulberry plants. Mulberry leaves are the only source of food for the silkworms. It is better to start Sericulture Business in a shed size of 18.5mt X 6.5mt or 1200 to 1400 sq.ft. For such size silkworms, we need 1 to 1.5 acre of land for Mulberry cultivation. In a single rearing, there are 200 DFLs. DFL is Disease Free Layings i.e. eggs. The number of Silkworm Rearings per year is around 10 replications.

Cost Of Silkworm Shed

For rearing of Silkworms with 10 replications and 200 DFLs in single rearing, you need an area of 1200 to 1300 sq.ft. You can maintain a single entry. The door size is 6’X4′. Concrete flooring is better. You need 10 to 13 windows in the shed. The size of the window is 6’X3′. Cost of constructing the silkworm shed is 1.25 lakhs. Furthermore, Cost may vary from region to region.

Sericulture Cultivation Cost

Expenses Of Silkworm Rearing

ParticularsCost in Rs.
Cost of Silkworm Shed 1,25,000
Labour cost 5,000
Cost of nets for 100 mt2,000
Cost of every harvesting10,000
Cost of bedding material 5,000
Initial Cost of silkworm larvae 15,000
Total Cost of Silk worm rearing1,62,000

Expenses Of Mulberry Cultivation

For 1 acre of Mulberry cultivation, you need 5,000 seedlings. The cost of land varies. While we need 10 tonnes of FYM.

ParticularsCost in Rs.
FYM 10 tons/ Rs. 450 / tonne) 4,500
Land Managemnet 1,000
Cost of 5,000 Mulberry seedling (Rs.1/seedling) 5,000
Labour charges1,000
Cost of Fertilizers1,000.
Cost of nutrients500
Water Managemnet500
Total Cost of Mulberry Cultivation

Total Cost of Sericulture Farming

ParticularsCost in Rs.
Eggs Costs for 20,000 DFLs (Rs.5/DFL)5,000
Cost of Chemical sprays5,000
Cost of Labour 30,000
Cost of Chemical Fertilizers 5,000
Spraying Cost in Mulberry2,500
Weeding for 10 times for 10 crops in year5,000
Water Managemnet 3,000
Transportation charges for cocoon marketing5,000
Total Cost 60,500

Cost Of Sericulture shed is also added which varies from region to region. While the total Cost of Sericulture Farming includes the cost of silkworm shed and mulberry cultivation.


This is the total information of all the expenses incurred in Sericulture Farming. Since the income returns are high in Sericulture farming, check the below link to know about Profits in Sericulture

Expected Income Returns from Sericulture Cultivation in India

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