Pig Farming in India and its Scope and Importance

Advantages and Piggery Disadvantages: There are both vegetarians and non-vegetarians in India. Now the consumption of Meat is increasing. There are many meat raising animals. Among such animals, Pigs are also one. Now, Pig Farming is a profitable business in India. Though Pig Raising in India has huge demand, many are unaware of Pig Farming In India. Hence we have come up with this post with the scope, importance of Swine Raising. Not only that we will also provide information on advantages and disadvantages of Pig Farming in India.

How to Start Poultry Farm in India

Scope of Pig Farming in India

Since times, many people in the country do this business. Comparatively less aware than Broiler Chicken Farming. While Pig products like Pork, bacon, ham, sausages, lard etc., has huge market value. The scenario of Pig Farming business is changing day by day. Indigenous Pig Breeds of India are highly productive. If you consider the value of total meat products, the value of Pork and Pork products is around Rs. 26.2 million in India.

Piggery Disadvantages

In addition, Pig Farming constitutes the livelihood of most of the rural people in the country. In recent times, it is the booming business in towns too. The Indian government is encouraging Pig Farming by establishing Pig Breeding Farms. Almost, there are 230 Pig Breeding Farms in the country. Suitable schemes and programmes are introduced by the government for Pig Farming Project.

Importance of Pig Production in India

  • The potentiality of Pig Farming is high. It accounts for 4.32% of the total Pork and meat products.
  • Nutritional value of Pork is high.
  • Fastfood limited companies like dominos, KFC depend on pig meat to prepare their items.
  • Pig Farming business gives quick returns.
  • Pig manure is widely used as an organic manure to the crop plants.
  • Farmers are keen attracted to this Pig Farming nowadays.
  • Pork acts as a high source of energy.
  • Continous increase in demand for Pork in India.
  • Most noteworthy is the Export value of Pig Meat is high and increasing.

Nutritional Benefits of Piggery Farming and Pig Meat i.e., Pork:

Pork is the rich source of Vitamins and minerals. Hence, the nutritional value of Pig Meat is in the table below.

Vitamins and NutrientsDaily Value (DV) %Role in the human body
Thiamin(Vitain B1)54%Thiamin helps in carbohydrate, proteins and fat metabloism. Pork is a major source for Vitabin B1.
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)19%Riboflavin is rarely present in the daily foods we eat. Milk is a major source of Riboflavin. Pork is next to milk with higher amounts of Vitamin B2. It plays a key role in energy metabolism in the body.
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 37%Niacin plays a key role in fatty acids and sugar metabolism.
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)8% It metabolizes carbohydrates and fatty acids in the body. RBC count increases with amount of Cobalamin.
Pyridoxin (Vitamain B6)37%It plays a key role of Glycogen Metabolism in the human body.
Iron 5%Iron deficiency is harmful to women, especially for pregnants. Iron deficiency causes Anemia Disease.
Magnesium 6%It play an important role in normal function of muscles and glucose. It helps for enzymes and catalysts.
Phosphorous20% Phosphorous helps in strengthening bones and energy generating in the body.
Potassium11% It helps in maintaining normal BP (Blood Pressure) and water balance levels in the body.
Zinc14%Zinc is a major component for 70 types of enzymes. Energy metabolism depednds on Zinc peercentage in the body.

Advantages and Piggery Disadvantages India:

While Commercial Pig Farming in India has many advantages, it also has Piggery Disadvantages of Pig Farming in India too. A list of advantages and disadvantages of Pig Farming is in the table below.

Pork is highly nutritious. The export value of indian pig meat is high.Most important is many of the people are unaware of pig farming business.
Pigs are prolific breeders and grows fast.The age of pigs is comparitively less.
Faecal matter of pigs is used as manure for many crops.Pigs are highly prone to various types of various diseases.
With less amount of investment you can get big margins from the business.Difficult to get loans and subsidies from government.
Indigenous pig breed is has good breeding capacity than exotic breeds.Some types of shed has negative impact on the profits.
The efficiency of feed convertion of pigs is high.Unavailability of various cross breeds in the country.
Pigs eat almost all types of feed like grains, homewastes, forage etc.Most important one is people are unaware of nutritinal value of pork.
It is easy to set up the pig farming business.If proper care and managemnt is not taken, you will face huge losses in the business.
The ratio o feed consumption and total body weight of pigs is high.Lack of pig breeding farms.

These are the scope and Importance of Pig Farming in India. In addition, we also have provided Advantages of Piggery and Disadvantages of Pig Farming in India. Since you have got to know about Benefits of Piggery Business, check the below link.

How to Start Pig Farming in India

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