How to Start Combined Poultry Farming and Fish Farming in India

Poultry Farming: Poultry Farming is Commercial rearing of Poultry bids. Most probably, we go for Chicken Farming. It is of two types. Former is Layer Chicken Farming, later is Broiler Chicken Farming. Layer chicken Farming is rearing of Chickens for the purpose of Eggs. Whereas in Broiler Poultry Farm, we raise Chickens for the purpose of Chicken Meat. Both Layer chicken Farming and Broiler Chicken Farming is a huge profitable Business. We can gain huge Margins from Poultry Fish Farming Guide.

Fish Farming: Rearing of Fish in a private pond is Fish Farming. One can grow various types of Fishes depending on the market demand of the Fish variety. If you take proper care and management, fish Farming is one of the hugely profitable business. However, the initial investment to Start Fish Farming is high. Although, one can earn huge Income Margins from Commercial Fish farming.

Integrated Poultry – Fish Farming

Integrated Fish Poultry Farming is nothing but the Mixed Livestock Farming. It includes rearing of Fishes along with Poultry Birds growing. Most of us have queries like What is Integrated Fish Poultry farming. It is nothing but the rearing of Fish along with Poultry Birds. Mostly, Broiler Chickens and Layer Chickens are reared in this type of Integrated Fish Poultry Farming. we know that there is a great demand for Poultry Chicken in both rural and urban areas and the demand is increasing rapidly. However, there is also demand for Fish Meat. Both Fish Farming and Poultry Farming are Profitable Business. The Integrated Farming idea is to rear both Chicken and Fishes at a single place and single location.

Fishes that suits Integrated fish Farming are the Fish Varieties that filter and feeds on zooplankton and phytoplankton along with Bacteria present in the Pond water. in addition, Poultry Birds excreta also acts a good source of nutritious feed for the Fishes. the poultry Excreta consists of bulk amounts of Nitrogen and Phosphorous along with Organic soluble salts. In 1 Acre of Fresh Water Fish Farming, we can rear up to 300 Poultry Birds that may be either Broiler or layers. The integrated approach is very advantageous and highly profitable. there are comparatively fewer losses in Integrated Fish Poultry Farming. The Poultry Shed is built upon on the Fresh Water Fishpond for easy availability of Poultry Droppings.

Poultry Farming And Fish Farming

Management Practices In Integrated Fish Poultry Farming

Stocking Density In The Integrated Fish Poultry Farming

  • Chicken Excreta acts as a good source of nutrients that has fertilizer value. This acts as the food source for microalgae. Provide the poultry manure in the Poultry Shed to the Fresh Water Pond. This helps in the dense growth of zooplankton.
  • On the Poultry Dung that acts as an organic portion where the zooplankton grows and develops. Thus, zooplankton is an organic food for the fishes.
  • In the Pond, the litter droppings of Poultry Birds settle at the bottom. This helps in growth of large colonies of bacteria. Such type of bacteria acts as a good source of feed for the fishes.
  • In Fish cum Poultry ponds, we can also culture Indigenous and Exotic Carps.
  • After detoxification, the fresh Water Pond is to be stocked.
  • In an Acre, the Fish population varies from 3,000 to 4,000. To gain high Fish yields, feeders like Top claws, pillar feeders, base motors and weedy feeders are to supply.
  • However, we can also take Indigenous carps of 40 % surface species ratio, 30% pillar and 30% bottom feeders.

Cost and Profits in Poultry Farming Business in India

Application Of Poultry Litter in Poultry Cum Fish Farming

  • This includes all the methods of applying Poultry Manure to the Fresh Water Fish Pond. After gathering of adequate Poultry Litter, apply it to the Fish Pond.
  • There exist two types of litter application in Poultry Cum Fish Farming.
  • In the Former method of Litter application in Fish cum Poultry Farming, first, the manure is to collect from the poultry Shed and store in safe place to apply in batches. 30 to 40 Kg Poultry Manure is applied for 1 Acre Fresh Water Fish Farming. Apply in the morning time as the algal blossom is more in the morning hours.
  • The latter method includes the Partial construction of Poultry Farm House on the Fishpond so that the Poultry dropping directly fell in the fresh Water fish Pond. Around 250 to 300 Poultry Birds are enough to supply for 1 acre Fish Farm.
  • Remove the aquatic weeds at regular intervals.
  • Frequent netting and monitoring of Fresh Water Fish cum Poultry Farm are necessary.

Poultry Birds Management in Poultry Cum Fish Farming

The Broiler for Meat purpose and Layer for Eggs purpose are grown in the Poultry Farm. The Egg and Meat production depends on various factors like.

  • Poultry Chicken breed.
  • Feed Supply.
  • Housing system.
  • Sanitary Measures.
  • Disease management etc.,

Housing Management Of Poultry Farm in Integrated Poultry cum Fish Farming

  • Integrated Fish cum Poultry Farming System consists of Growing or rearing Poultry Birds in the Intensive method of Poultry Farm System.
  • It may be of two types, wither Cage system or deep litter system.
  • In Deep Litter system, there are high manure values for the excreta of the Poultry Birds. So, mostly Deep Litter System is considered.
  • 6 to 7 inches Litter like Paddy husk, Straw chop, Wheat husk, Dry leaves, hay, peanut shells, sawdust, etc are normally used in Deep Litter system. The Chickens are placed on to this litter.
  • The droppings are collected in the Litter. Stir the Litter at regular intervals for proper aeration in the Poultry shed. We can get the complete Litter in 55 to 65 days of a time interval. Feed the chicken with nutritious feed. Supply the feed in the Feed Hoppers in order to lessen the food wastage. Keep the whole Poultry Deep litter system in clean and hygienic conditions.

Cost and Profits in Fish Farming Business in India

Harvesting In Poultry Fish Farming Guide:

  • Within a short span of 60 to 70 days, we can go for harvesting. The Fishes in the Fish Pond attain a maximum weight. At the same time, the poultry birds are also ready to be sold.
  • However, this is a continuous process. Restock the Poultry Farm and freshwater Fish Farm at regular intervals to gain huge margins.
  • Go for final harvesting annually. For layer chickens, we can get more margins. The Layer birds are to sell for Meat purpose after a period of 10 to 12 months or annually as the Egg-laying capacity of these birds decreases.
  • However, we can go for Pig Farm also in this Integrated method Of Farming System.
  • The margins in Integrated Farming systems depend on the area chosen and type of Livestock Farm.

Conclusion on Poultry Fish Farming Guide:

This is all about the Poultry Fish Farming Guide. We hope that this How to Start Poultry Fish Farming Guide is helpful to you. If you have any doubts on this How to Start Commercial Poultry Fish Farming Guide, then you can contact us via the comment section.

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