How to Start Ornamental Fish Farming Guide for Beginners in India

How to Start Ornamental Fish Farming Guide for Beginners in India: Ornamental Fish Rearing is nothing but rearing or culturing of Ornamental Fishes that gives pleasure and attraction for commercial purpose. The procedure is also known as Aquariculture. This includes commercial rearing of colourfull and attractive Fishes having distinct characteristics. They are grown in an enclosed Aquatic Ecosystem. Many Individuals and Ornamental Fish Lovers go for this Commercial Ornamental fish Farming. There exist around 30k Ornamental Fish Species belonging to Eight Families.

They are Cyprinidae, Poeciliidae, Anabantidae, Characidae, Cobitidae, Callichthyidae, Cichlidae, and Cyprinodontidae. Furthermore, they are also categorized into Two various groups viz., Oviparous i.e., Egg Laying Fishes and Viviparous i.e., Livebearer fishes. Almost, all the Aquariculture fishes are Oviparous and the fertilization is of external type. It is then categorized into following types.

  1. Egg Laying – Adhesive Eggs.
  2. Egg Laying – Nonadhesive Eggs
  3. Nest Builder Fishes.
  4. Egg Carrier ornamental Fishes.
  5. Egg barriers and
  6. Mouth Incubator Ornamental.

Indigenous Ornamental Fish Species List

Common NameZoological Name
S barb or DeninsonPuntius denisonii
Rosy BarbPuntius conchonious
Reticulated LoachBotia lohachata
Zebra FishBrachydanio rerio
Glass FishChandra nama
HiFin BarbOreichythys cosuatis
Black Knife FishNotopterus notopterus
Full Black sharkLebeo calbasu
Honey GouramiColisa chune

Exotic Live Bearing Ornamental Fishes List

Common NameZoological Name
PlatyXiphophorous maculatus
SwordTailXipophorous helleri
GuppyPoecilia reticulata
Saifin MollyPoecillia velifera
Marblemolly Fish Poecillia shphenops

Exotic Oviparous Ornamental Fishes List

Common NameZoological Name
Oscar FishAstronotus ocellatus
GoldFishCarassius auratus
Siamese FightingFishBetta splendens
Dwarf GouramiColisa lalia
Koi Carp Cyprinus carpio
Neon tetraParacheirodon innesi
Cardinal tetraParacheirodon axelrodi
Angel FishPterophyllum scalare
Discus FishSymphysodon discus

Ornamental Fish Farming

Demand for Ornamental Fish Farming

In the recent past, the demand for Ornamental Fish Farming is increasing rapidly. Aquariculture has led to the trade route at International levels. The share of our country is typically insignificant. However, there are fewer people doing Aquariculture in Southern regions of India than Northern parts. However, the demand varies depending on the color, specific characters, morphology, and body structure of Ornamental Fishes. When we come to Ornamental Fish exports, North Eastern regions constitute more than any other parts of India. Aquariculture is a favorite hobby and interest for many of the people in India that leads to Commercial Ornamental Fish Farming Business.

In our country, we usually import Ornamental fishes that costs high. So, if one is searching for Profitable agriFarming Business, better go for this Aquariculture. You can do such rearing with Indigenous Ornamental Fish Breeds. the demand for this agribusiness is high and increasing rapidly.

Cost and Profit Margins in Fish Farming in India

Benefits of Ornamental Fishes

  • Such Ornamental Fishes give joy and pleasure to kids and second inning individuals.
  • It helps in the healthy living of many stress living people.
  • It also helps in relaxation of the mind that leads to peacefulness.
  • Kids and children feel about nature and experience great joy.
  • Ornamental Fish Farming also leads to the employment opportunities for many individuals.

Cultural Practices in Commercial Aquariculture

This is done in Glass Aquarium, Earthern Pots or in Cement cisterns. To do Ornamental farming in a small area, go for an area having size 3mt X 2mt X 1mt. Cement Cisterns are enough for such a size Ornamental Aquariculture. Built in such a way that it is above the ground level. Favour breeding within the Big Aquarium. However, you can also rear Juvenile Ornamental Fishes in a Big Earten Pot having the size of 1.5 to 2 mt diameter. Aerate the water before use. Furthermore, go for dechlorination of the Water to use fewer days before. Maintain alkaline pH of the Water and temperature of 16 to 18 degree Celcius. However, most of the Ornamental Fish species favor for Soft and Medium Hard water.

Water Management in Commercial Aquariculture

Water supply plays an important and major role in Ornamental Fish Farming. Supply adequate water to the Aquariculture Pond. Also, supply the water that passes Quality Control. The Fishes are highly sensitive to the quality of water. Water Quality acts as a crucial role for Decorative Ornamental Fishes rather than any other type of Fishes. When you rear large quantity of Fishes, Nitrogenous Wates get accumulate at the bottom of the pond. That includes ammonia. Maintain precaution in order to remove such accumulations at proper and regular intervals of time periods. Exchange the Water at Specific time periods. Also, maintain proper aeration within the Ornamental Fish Pond.

Feed Management In Ornamental Fish Farming

There are many feed supplements that are available in the market to feed Ornamental Fish. However, we can also prepare the Organic Food for Ornamental Fishes at the Ornamental Fish farm Itself. Go for it that leads t the reduction in investment with having more Margins. Supply Rice Besan, Vegetable peelings, WholeWheat Bread. However, you can also supply living beings like Mosquito larvae, Tubifex and Daphina Worms. The Ornamental Fish Farmers can get such larvae from the nearest Pond or at any Sewer Water Stations or ponds. supply the feed once in a day. Neither supply less feed nor overfeed that leads to the huge damage in the Ornamental Fish farming guide. Supply adequate feed at specific and regular intervals o a time period.

Breeding Management in Ornamental Fish Farming

Breeding also plays an important role in this Fish Farming. It leads to the increase in the number of fishes within the Fish farm. Breed the livebearers with the GoldFish or any Egg laying Fish species in order to achieve more Fishes in the Fram. handle the Brooder fish and the Young Ones by supplying Hygenic and clean Water with feed additives. Having proper knowledge is mandatory to perform a Breeding activity in the Ornamental Fish Farm.In order to maintain the Farm effectively, supply the live food at regular intervals. Supply the young ones with either zooplankton or Phytoplankton. While installing biofilters, make sure of quality water supply.

Health Management in Ornamental Fish Farming Guide:

As prevention is better than cure, supply hygienic and quality water to the FarmPond. As many diseases are due to the supply of unhygienic water, make sure of quality water supply in order to avoid diseases infestation to the ornamental Fishes. The Fishes are also sensitive to pH, to maintain proper pH levels in the Pond. The medicines that are useful for health Management are raw Salt @ 20 to 30 gm/lt. Water as the bath treatment. Also, use Methyl blue at the rate of 2.5 to 3 gm/lt. water. It acts as a disinfectant. It is done for a half hour. Use Aluminium sulfate or Potassium Permanganate @ 0.75 to 1.25 gm/lt. water for purification of water. It is given as a Bath Therapy for about 1 min in the Ornamental Fish farm.

Costs and Income Returns in Aquariculture Ornamental

  • You have to know about the Cost and Profit Margins in this how to start commercial Ornamental Fish Farming Guide.
  • Profit Margins of Ornamental Fish farming depends on the total capacity of the Fish Farm Pond.
  • However, it also depends on the species, care, and management practices within the Ornamental Fish farm.
  • Breeding leads to high profits in this Farm Business.
  • Better go for rearing such Fishes in an optimum size Water Pond rather than big scale.

Conclusion of Ornamental Fish Farming Guide:

This is a highly profitable business for many marginal farmers and enthusiastic individuals. the demand for this business is increasing rapidly. This type of Farming needs less investment giving more profits. In addition, it also requires less manpower as we compare with other Aquaculture Farming Methods. We hope that this How to Start Commercial Ornamental Fish Farming Guide is helpful to you.

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