New Duck Farming Practices and Research in India

New Duck Farming Practices and Research in India: The current article is exclusively on the new practices and research on duck farming. We will provide you with some insight on the new approaches towards duck rearing by various experts and scientists to improve and boost the Duck productivity by the following ways. Hence check the below Types of Duck Farming in India.

  1. Corypha Palm
  2. Wood Egg Basket
  3. Madhurakashayam
  4. Rearing of Ducks in Polythene Ponds
  5. Semen Diluents

How to Start Duck Farming in India

New Duck Farming Practices and Research in India:

1. Corypha Palm: In Ducks Farming Corypha palm pith can be used as a lean season feed which is rich in starch and this plant is available in southern India(Tropics). This is a new research practice which Kerala University is using.

2.Wood Egg Basket: Using a cheap wood the people of Kerala agriculture university has prepared a structure that provides good aeration thus, improving the egg quality.

3. Madhurakashayam: It is a medication prepared from natural sources has proven to boost immunity and disease resistance. we know that due to intensive poultry production i.e., use of vaccines, antibiotics and others have brought some disadvantages too by polluting the soil, wind and environment affecting the human, animal as well as plant health. By developing these type of natural remedies with good results can reduce the pollution and health issues of our everyday lives.

New Duck Farming Practices

New Duck Farming Practices in India

4. Rearing of Ducks in Polythene Ponds (New Model): This is a new practice in the duck farming history in India. This is an innovative model which has seen some success in various districts of Orissa among 150 farmers. In this type, a polyethene sheet is spread on the surface of the pond. Once spreading of polyethene is complete, you have to fill the pond with water. Furthermore, you have to introduce the ducklings into the pond. With this method, there is a good chance of success. Hence farmers across India are opting this method.

5. Semen Diluents: Central Avian research institute (CARI), Uttar Pradesh has developed a semen diluent for improving the poultry production through artificial insemination. This will create a big revolution in the duck farming in India. However, this newly developed diluent is quite expensive and takes so much time for preparation of the artificial semen. While this diluent research still it has to fill these research gaps. Furthermore, it is needless to say that it has a potency to create a major breakthrough in the poultry production.

These are the new practices and research on Duck Farming in India. Furthermore, if you know about any other new practices and research on duck farming please comment below. Check the below link to know more about Duck Rearing in India.

List of Breeds for Duck Farming in India

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