How Na Panta App Helping 50,000 Farmers with Agricultural Info

How Na Panta App Helping 50,000 Farmers with Agricultural Info: Farmers are the backbone of India. Since ages, India is an agricultural country. But in the recent past, there are very less favourable conditions for the farmers. In many parts of India, farmers are committing suicide, which is the worst part. Hence to counter this many young minds of India are coming up. Among such things, Na Panta App is one. Na Panta app has been launched into the play store which is specially designed for the farmers. This mobile application is free to use and enables the farmers to track their amount needed to purchase the seeds, pesticide, fertilizer and farm related equipment too.

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This application founder Mr V. Naveen Kumar decided to make an agriculture crop management application due to a farmer suicide in his village. The farmer has bought adulterated seed from a shop and has been cheated by a seller. The majority of the Indian farmers don’t have access to the technology, inputs, credit and markets. This application team tries to fix these problems by providing personalized crop accurate information to the farmers even in the local language too. Farmers also can view the up-to-date information on market prices, multiple year price trends of hundreds of commodities. Farmers should have an internet to run this app. Due to the intervention of JIO network, most the people got internet accessibility at a fair price. This network is booming into the villages too.

Na Panta App

Na Panta App provides Information Mainly on the Following:

1. Crop and pest management
2. Crop management skills
3. Pesticides, Insecticides
4. 5-day weather forecast
5. Soil testing laboratories.
6. Crop insurance
7. Cold storage
8. Agriculture dealer information available at the respective location.

These are the different information or Features of Na Panta App. All a farmer needs to do is to access the Naa Panta app to enjoy these features.

Surprisingly, the application team claims to have a community of 50,000 farmers in 3 months. Furthermore, it is available in Telugu version too and the Hindi and Kannada language versions are about to be launched and the application claims to have 95 percent accuracy of farm outputs. While this application team are providing advisory services to the farmer and government regarding farm outputs and market prices. Furthermore, the team is planning to make a change in the farmers lives by entering and organizing programmes in the villages.

Information on Famers Suicides in India:

It’s a rejoicing moment for the Indian youth and agriculture graduates as one of the Indian youth has started an app for the farmer’s welfare. Furthermore, the Indian farmers have no support from neither the government nor the media. While the Indian Government has said that over 12,000 suicides every year since 2013. Coming to the suicide statistics; Maharashtra 4,291  Karnataka – 1,569, Telangana – 1,400, Madhya Pradesh – 1,290, Chattisgarh – 954, Andhra Pradesh – 916 and Tamil Nadu – 606. Together, these seven states contributed for 87.5% of total suicides in the farming sector in the country -11,026 of 12,602 as reported in the times of India.

With these kinds of young minds, surely Indian farmers can see some better future. Hence we need more of such people who are working towards the upliftment of the farmers.

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