Best Murrah Buffalo Farming Guide for Beginners in India

Tips for Murrah Buffalo Farming Guide: We all know that Buffalo Dairy Farming is a huge profitable Business. In addition, it also provides employment opportunities for people in rural as well as in Urban areas. Buffalo Dairy Farming is a famous AgriFarming Business in India. It constitutes about 55% of the total World Buffalo Population. The population is increasing at a rapid rate. In order to meet the demand of Buffalo Milk supply, there is a necessity of establishing a Buffalo Dairy Farm Business. Buffalo Milk production generates huge Income returns. Many marginal Farmers, individuals, and Startup entrepreneurs are having a keen interest in establishing a Buffalo Dairy Farming setup. if you wish to Start Buffalo Dairy Farming, go for Murah Breed Buffalo Farming. The Murrah Breed is highly famous for its quality of Milk and Milk Yield.

About Murrah Buffalo

  • Murrah Breed Buffalo is also known as Kundi, Kali or Delhi Breed.
  • Pure Murrah Breed Buffalo are found in the Hisar, Punjab, Gurgaon, Jind and Rohtak Districts in the States of Haryana, Western UP, and Delhi.
  • The Breed is a good and quality Milk producer.
  • Murrah Breeds are extensively used for the purpose of upgrading the Buffalo Stock.
  • Their Origin is in India. However, they are also found in countries like Malaysia, China, Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, SriLanka, Vietnam, and Venezuela.
  • There are many Benefits of Murrah Buffalo Farming.

In the last post, you have got to know all the information on Buffalo Dairy Farming. However, most of them have queries regarding Murrah Buffalo Farming. Therefore, in this post, we have come up with all the information on Murrah Buffalo AgriFarming Business. We will let you know the Pros and Cons of Murrah Breed Buffalo. In addition, you will get to know about Cost of Murrah Buffalo Farming, Loans, and Subsidies for Murrah Buffalo Farming.

Benefits of Murrah Buffalo Farming

  • Murrah Breeds adopt various environmental conditions. They suit for many regions of our country.
  • Milk Yield is high in Murrah Buffaloes. They give 8 to 15 liters of Milk in a day if you take proper care and management in Murrah Farming.
  • They are highly tolerant various type of Livestock diseases as we compare with other Cross Breeds.
  • In the absence of feed Concentrates and additives, they can also thrive with the supply of Crop residues.
  • The demand of Buffalo Milk is high in the market, so one can earn good margins.

Components of Buffalo Milk

Disadvantages of Murrah Breeds

  • It is difficult to detect heat in the Breeds.
  • The heifers have long maturity duration.  it is about 25 to 30 months.
  • The inter Calving period is high i.e., 12 to 16 months.
  • Pure breed Murrah Buffaloes are less available.
  • As we compare with other livestock breeds, Murrah breeds are vicious.

Cost of Murrah Breed Buffalo: The Cost or Price of this Breeds depend on the age and Lactation capacity or Milk Yield. However, on an average, you can buy Murrah breed at the rate of Rs.35,000. The price, however, varies up to Rs.1,00,000 (1 Lakh) for high yielding mature Murrah Buffalo. Furthermore, check below to know more about this Murrah Buffalo Farming Guide.

Murrah Buffalo Farming Guide

Physical Appearance of Murrah Breed Buffalo

  • The body of a Murrah breed is heavy and wedge shape.
  • Head is small.
  • Comparatively long Face.
  • The neck is also Long.
  • The color is Jet black. sometimes, they are with white markings.
  • Long tail having 8-inch size.
  • Horns: They are short, tight, turning backward and unique character is spiral horns.
  • Short Limbs.
  • Skin is smooth and soft with scanty hairs.
  • Drooping udder and fully developed.
  • The weight of Male Murrah Breed Buffalo is 540 to 550 Kg and Female Murrah Breed is 430 to 450 kg.
  • Male attains a height of 1.43 mt while females attain 1.3 mt height.
  • Inter calving duration is 450 to 500 days.
  • First calving age is around 2.5 to 3 years.
  • Lactation period is 290 to 300 days.
  • 3 months of dry period.
  • 310 to 320 days is the Gestation period in Murrah Breed Buffaloes.

Cost of Buffalo Dairy Farming AgriBusiness in India

Care and Management of Murrah Breed

The Care and management of the Murrah Buffaloes vary with the number of Buffaloes in the Dairy Farm.

  • Start a Murrah Buffalo Farm with a capacity of 50 Buffaloes.
  • Cultivate the green fodder in an area of 1 acre to 1 Ha.
  • Construct the house away from flood-prone are and water logging areas.
  • Keep the floor dry and clean within the Murrah Buffalo shed.
  • Handle the Calves until they attain an age of 4 to 5 months. Mortality rate decrease with increase in age of Calves.
  • Vaccination is done at regular and timely intervals in order to keep them free from various types diseases.
  • Wash the Murrah Buffaloes at regular intervals of the time period.
  • Separate the sick Buffaloes away from the Murrah Buffalo Shed.

Feeding Schedule in Murrah Buffalo Farming (in Kg)

Animal TypeFeed DurationGreen FodderDry FodderConcentartes Supply
Murrah Breed Buffaloe yielding 7.5 to 8.5 litre Milk YieldLactation Periods25 to 304 to 53.5 to 4.0
Dry Periods20 to 255 to 60.5 to 1.0

The Requirement of Nutrients for Murrah Bullocks

Body Weight of Murrah Breed Buffalo (Kg)Digetable Crude proteins (Kg) in Normal Working hours (4 hr)Digetable Crude proteins (Kg) in Heavy Working hours (8 hr)TDS (Total Digestable Nutrients) in Kg during Noraml Working Hours (4 hr)TDS (Total Digestable Nutrients) in Kg during Heavy Working Hours (8 hr)

Fodder production in Murrah Farming: Supply either Green Fodder or silage to the Murrah Buffaloes. In order to decrease the Cost of production in Murrah Buffalo Farming, cultivate the green fodder in your own land. Prepare the silage from the fodder Crops itself. This is all about the Fodder Management in this Murrah Buffalo Farming Guide.

Conclusion Murrah Buffalo Farming Guide:

These are the total information on Murrah Breed Buffalo Dairy Farming Business. For further information on Murrah Buffalo Farming Guide for Buffaloe Dairy Farming Business, click the link below. Please do comment if you have any queries regarding Murrah Buffalo Dairy Farming

How to Start Buffalo Dairy Farming Business in India

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