Types of Modern Technology in Agriculture in India

Modern Agricultural Technology in India: Modern Agricultural Technology is all about to reduce human efforts. which are widely using in the foreign countries.  By applying these practices the farmers are gaining more profit and at the same time, they are able to increase their productivity of yield. Here, we are going to describe the types of technology. Hence you can relax and sit back. Because all you need to do is to read it to know everything. Since you will get a wholesome idea on various things.

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1. IT in Agriculture:

  • IT is nothing but Information Technology.
  • well, it also helps the farmers to take the proper ideas and decisions to increase the productivity of their yield.
  • This also improves and strengthens the agriculture sector in India.
  • This is also useful to know the proper information regarding weather forecasting and climatic conditions.
  • Information Technology is helpful in spontaneous and better agricultural practices.
  • This can also explore your marketing system, price and reduction in agricultural risks and enhanced incomes.
  • Nowadays it is useful to implement online trading of your products.
  • Some of the developed countries are using lasers instead if using ploughing the land by tractors.
  • While IT optimises the use of various inputs like Fertilizers, Water, Pests and Seeds.

IT Technology

Modern Agricultural Technology in 2018

2. GPS Technology:

  • GPS is nothing but Global Positioning System.
  • This GPS technology is widely using by the large farmers.
  • By applying the GPS devices to your tractors you can set your machine in auto driving mode, in this process you can plough your field easily without using humans.
  • We have to set the programmes and instructions to do the cultivation, sowing, seedling, watering and even we can set it to apply fertilizers in your field.
  • By applying this technique farmers can save their time and money in variable aspects.
  • Even the farmers can work during the low visibility in the field during High temperature of sunlight, rainy season, in the foggy and dusty situations.

3. Nanotechnology:

  • Nanotechnology is widely helpful in agricultural products.
  • This can be useful to protect the crops in the field and they can monitor the growth of plants and detect the diseases in plats.
  • One of the techniques like Electroscoping is helpful to absorb the fertilizers and pesticides in your field.
  • This technology is useful in studying the plant’s hormones and regulations.
  • Nanobarcodes and Nanoprocessing are useful in monitoring the quality of agriculture products.
  • They can induce the growth of roots and seed germination with the help of auxins.
  • Further Carbon Nanotubes are useful in detecting and killing the pathogens and viruses in the crops.
Modern Agricultural Technology in India

4. Breeding:

  • Plant breeding can increase the yield and productivity of the crops.
  • This is useful in developing new varieties of a crop from a single crop.
  • Also, the evolution of new crops can be done by the Hybridization, Tissue culture and by Ploidity.
  • Furthermore, with the help of seeds, you can introduce Sexual reproductive plants.
  • With the help of cutting and budding, we can introduce the vegetative reproduction of plants.
  • In the current era, Breeding is a necessary evil since it gives a huge opportunity for the farmers.

5. Techniques of Tissue Culture:

  • This is used to produce a number of varieties of crops from the single genome of the plant.
  • Furthermore, these are used to produce a number of crops at less place.
  • In this process, we can produce the varieties of crops which can give more yield of product and at the same time, they are highly resistant to the diseases.
  • They can grow easily without the application of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Hence this is one of the best things that you can use in India.

6. Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs):

  • GMOs are helpful in resisting the crops from the harmful chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Some of the parts of the plants are not used for the cropping system. Hence with the help of the GMOs in that portion, we can implement the waste parts of those crops and can be used in the productivity.
  • Furthermore, the GMO crops are producing in the laboratories by applying the practices of Breeding and Tissue culture.
  • While these crops are resistant to the drought, high temperature and even they can survive with the improper application of water.

Modern Agricultural Technology Practices in India

7. Irrigation System:

  • Providing water to the large farms of agriculture fields is difficult.
  • With the help of the modern technology, we can find the water resources in dryland areas.
  • Some of the technologies like preparing Farm ponds and we can store water in them.
  • Furthermore, by using some techniques of radars and laser technology we can find the ground levels of water.
  • Furthermore, by using some simple techniques like Drip irrigation and sprinklers we can provide water to all the areas in the field.
  • Nowadays in India, there is an innovation of Artificial Rainfall. This artificial rainfall will provide the water facilities even in drought situations and drought-prone areas. Hence the requirement for water is decreasing.

These are the different Modern Technology in Agriculture in India. You can use them in your farms which will increase the productivity. Since there are many advantages of modern technology in agriculture, farmers should opt this modern technology in agriculture in India. We hope that these modern techniques of agriculture will help you. In case, if you have any doubt regarding the modern technology in agriculture Wikipedia or modern technology in agriculture essay, you can contact us.

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