NABARD Loans and Subsidies of Fish Farming in India/SBI Fishery Loan

Fish Farming Subsidies and Loans In India: Fish farming is the art of growing or rearing fishes for the commercial purpose. Well, 70 to 80 percent of Indians prefer fish as their main dish. As the population increases the demand for fishes is also increasing. Earlier we have written about the Expect Income Returns From Fish Farming in India. Now we are going to provide you with the information regarding the Bank Loan for Fish Farming in India. It is not an easy business to start without the Fisheries Loan or NABARD Schemes for Fish Farming. Hence we have come up with this guide which will provide you information regarding the SBI Fishery Loan and Subsidy for Fish Farming in India.

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Loans and Fish Farming Subsidies in India: 

Loans and subsidies are in different forms. A package of assistance is provided to the prospective fish farmers under different segments of the schemes by the Centre Govt. Sponsored Welfare Schemes the detail of which is as under:

Construction of New Ponds:

  • While this scheme was introduced in  1991-92 with an aim to create more ponds for increasing fish production in India.
  • The unit cost of the scheme is Rs 4.00 lakhs per hac. in the plain areas including arrangement water supply either in the form of tube-well or gravity flow.
  • Furthermore, the subsidy component is available @ 20% with a maximum of Rs. 80,000/- per hectare for Non-Scheduled Castes / other farmers and for S.C/S.T farmers it is 1,00,000/- per hectare (25%).

Fish Farming Subsidies

Integrated Fish Farming:

  • Population outburst and limited resources have necessitated integration of various activities, for increasing employment avenues, and enhanced productivity with minimum inputs.
  • Furthermore, the scheme envisages Assistance for setting up integrated units including hatcheries for Ornamental Fishes- Unit cost Rs. 15 lakhs which include hatchery of 5-10 million capacity.

Construction of Fresh Water Prawn & other Fish Hatchery:

  • The Fish seed is the nucleus of aquaculture. Furthermore, the State Department of Fisheries at its seed farms is producing 20.0 million fish seed.
  • Annually which is even not sufficient to meet the fish seed stocking requirements of its reservoirs and open waters.
  • Hence there is a need to involve private entrepreneurs in fish seed production. The scheme envisages Rs. 12.00 lakh for a fish seed hatchery with 10 million (fry) capacity for the plain areas and Rs. 16.00 lakh with the same capacity for the hill States/ districts.
  • Furthermore, subsidy @ 10% with a maximum ceiling of Rs.1.20 lakhs in the plain and Rs. 1.60 lakhs in the hilly areas for entrepreneurs only.

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Establishment of Fish Feed Unit:

  • After meeting out the seed requirement of the beneficiaries.
  • The next important part of the aquaculture is the availability of the optimum quantity of the fish feed.
  • While for setting up of a fish feed unit the Govt. of India sanctioned the cost@ Rs. 7.5 lakh for building, machinery and equipment.
  • Furthermore, subsidy @ 20% with a maximum ceiling of Rs. 1.50 lakh is admissible for each entrepreneur.

Fish Farming Subsidies of 1st Year Inputs:

The fish farmers who avail the benefits of Grant-in-Aid subsidy for the renovation and construction of ponds are also provided subsidy on the purchase of 1st year inputs such as fish seed, feed and manure etc.@ 20% with a maximum ceiling of Rs 10,000/- per hectare for all farmers except SC’s/ST’s for whom it is Rs. 12,500/- per hac.(25%). The total cost per hectare has been allowed Rs. 30,000/-

Fish Farming Subsidies on Renovation | Reclamation of ponds and Tanks:

They are also providing pond renovations and reclamation subsidies. While the scheme envisages renovation/reclamation of old ponds and tanks which are owned or taken on lease by the farmers.

Furthermore, the estimated per hectare renovation cost of the pond is Rs. 75,000/- and subsidy @ 20% with a maximum of Rs. 15,000 /- for Non-Scheduled Castes / other fish farmers and for S.C/S.T it is Rs. 18,750/-.per ha. (25%).

These are the different Subsidy for Fish Farming & Loan for Fish Farming in India. Furthermore, click on the below link to know more about the Fisheries Cultivation in India.

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