List of Popular Indian Chicken Recipes For Beginners

List of Popular Indian Chicken Recipes: Chicken is the all-time meat dish of Indians and the many companies like the KFC are making gold from its demand. we are going to reveal the Easy Chicken Curry Recipes. If you are reading this in a hotel go ahead and order one of the dishes from the list without hesitation or else you will be searching this on home wondering about how to make a yummy chicken for your loved ones.

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In this article, we will also provide a glimpse of information about how the chicken is going to taste. We can also say that the glory of chicken meat is still persisting due to some religious reasons too, the Hindus don’t eat beef and don’t prefer pork the Muslims don’t consume Pork and these religious food habits mostly absent in North-east Indians. Let’s have a look at the delicious dishes and its time to get lost in the tastes.

We have Punjabi chicken recipes, South Indian chicken recipes and North Indian chicken recipes. All these different kind of Indian chicken curry recipes have different tastes. People want to try all these chicken gravy recipes South Indian, Chettinad chicken gravy recipes and spicy chicken curry recipes. Hence we have come up with this article on the Chicken Curry Recipes in India.

Popular Indian Chicken Recipes and Dishes

1. Butter Chicken:

It is the most consumed chicken dish and also known as Chicken makhani and is mixed with black lentils and tastes best with butter or plain naan. The butter is mixed with the gravy ingredients to give a creamy texture.

2. Tandoori Chicken:

Tandoori chicken is considerably easy to make when you compare with other Chicken Dishes. Its very name comes from the name Tandoor (clay oven), in which people cook it. While you have to prepare this by marinating the chicken in a yoghurt mixture which should contain spices. You have to follow this by skewing and placing in a tandoor. The mouth-watering masala contains many spices which include turmeric and Indians favourite; red chillies which give a unique taste.

3. Chicken Tikka Masala:

Popular Indian Chicken Recipes

Many hotels prepare this dish due to its demand from the customers and is a common dish in almost every of the country. You have to grill the pre-marinated chicken. Later on, you have to add to a chicken gravy. While yoghurt and spices are the main ingredients to make the marinade. This recipe contains tomato and onions, some hotels add cream which gives a smooth look.

4. Chicken Curry:

This is the common type of chicken which Indians Cook at their home. While the basic recipe includes cream which they prepare from onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic paste. The gravy thickens over time and chapatis or rice is best to enjoy this curry.

5. Mughlai Chicken:

The name itself indicates it’s origin “Mughal dynasty” which is famous for its deliciousness in that kingdom. While people mostly prefer this dish for special occasions which takes much time to cook. Also, people use different ingredients to prepare this dish. We suggest not to miss a chance whenever you find its name on the menu and don’t miss its special taste.

6. Chicken Saagwala:

To make chicken saagwala; the chicken is fried in a pan with flavoured sauce and spinach. Besides, it is healthy too. North Indians are the major consumers of this recipe and who like hot chapatis with it.

These are the different Indian Chicken Dishes which are very easy to prepare at home. Furthermore, you can prepare the Chicken gravy Recipes Sanjeev Kapoor even if you are a bachelor. In case, if you want more such stuff, then you can bookmark. Since we are going to come up with more such information. Cheers!

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