Profits of Aloe Vera Cultivation In India | Income Returns of Aloe Vera Cultivation

Aloe Vera Farming Profits and Costs: Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant and it is having a huge demand in India. Not only in India but also through the world. The demand for Aloe Vera products is increasing day by day. While coming to the income you can earn more profits than you invested in Aloe Vera Farming. Previously we discussed on Cost of Aloe Vera Farming In India. If you are going to start this business two archers of land is enough to gain more profit.  Most of the people generally cultivate these crops in dry land and minimal rainfall areas.

The propagation of Aloe Vera is on the farm of Root suckers and by the Rhizome Cutting. Due to this they can grow well and produce a high yield. In this guide, we are going to let you know the Aloe Vera Price per ton and Aloe Vera Price per KG. By the end of this Aloe Vera Farming guide, you will get to know the Aloe Vera Profit per Acre.

Aloe Vera Farming Profits

Income returns of Aloe Vera Farming In India | Aloe Vera Farming Profits:

  • The maximum production yield of two acres is about 30 tonnes.
  • According to an Indian market, 1 tonne of aloe vera cost about 15,000 to 20,000 rupees.
  • The total cost of cultivation is about 53,600 rupees.
  • Well, for an example, let think that 1 tonne of Aloe Vera cost around 18,000 rupees.
  • For 30 tonnes of Aloe Vera production costs about 30 x 18,000 = 5,40,000 rupees.
  • While coming to the cost of investment it is around 53,600 rupees for 2 acres of land.
  • The total profit and income is 5,40,000-53,600=4,86,00 rupees.
  • If you want to gain more profits and more income then increase the area of cultivation of Aloe Vera.
ParticularsCost in rupees | Yield in tonnes.
Investment in 2 acres53,600
Expected yield in 2 acres30 tonnes
Cost of 1 tonne15,000 to 20,000
Expected cost of 1 tonne18,000
Cost of total Income30 tonnes x 18,000=5,40,000
Total profit5,40,000-53,600=4,86,400
Grand total of income and profit4,86,400

These are the particulars of profit and income returns on Aloe Vera Farming in India. Furthermore, if you are having any doubts you can comment your questions in the comment box. We are always ready to give the further information. Furthermore, click on the below link to know more about the Aloe Vera Farming in India.

Marketing of Aloe Vera Production in India

4 thoughts on “Profits of Aloe Vera Cultivation In India | Income Returns of Aloe Vera Cultivation

  1. Market price of aloe vera per kg is 3 rupees.
    So 1 tonne is 3000 rs i.e 1000×3= 3000 rupees

    And you are calculating 15000-20000 with 1 tonne of alove vera…

    If sale price is 3 rs per kg, how can it be 15000-18000 rs per tonne?

    1. Hello, kuljeet thanks for asking this questions. I can understand what is running through your mind, let me clarify you and other viewers of our site. While coming to the marketing of Aloe Vera there are two types
      1. Small markets or common markets like melas in small towns and cities. You can also check this link
      Here most the middlemen or marketers buy the Aloe Vera leafs in small quantity from small-scale farmers. Mostly they buy as per kg 3-4 rupees. Some of the marketers buy each leaf at 2.50-3.50 rupees.So, the cost of individual leaf or the small amount of production costs very low while comparing to those to buy in large quantity in tonnes.
      2. Contract Farming.
      Contract farming is an agreement between the farmers and companies. Here, they make an agreement to buy in bulk of production. So, the cost is very high regarding tonnes. Because they don’t prefer to buy from small-scale farmers. Furthermore, the companies try to buy the processed products. If they buy the processed products then it will at the cost of 15-20,000 rupees. At the same time, some of the farmers export the production to the other countries so the cost is high.

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