Scope and Importance of Mushroom Cultivation In India

Advantages and Mushroom Cultivation Demerits: The Mushroom Farming is having a tremendous scope. Mushroom is one of the main dishes in India and throughout the world. The people who are not eating chicken, they can eat mushrooms. Mushrooms contain Vitamins and Minerals which are good for health. If the population increases the demand for mushroom is increasing. Mushrooms are having huge scope throughout the world.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms to Man

Scope of Mushroom Cultivation | Economic Importance of Mushroom Cultivation:

While coming to the scope and importance of Mushroom Cultivation, it is having a huge demand in public. Nowadays all types of people are preferring Mushrooms to eat. Mushrooms are good in giving energy and increase the health. They are are having a huge scope of medicine. Mushrooms are having a huge demand in pharma and cosmetic companies. Mushrooms are the fruiting body of the Microorganisms like Fungi.

These Mushrooms are good in taste so it is having more demand than other foods. These Mushrooms are serving as food in many countries. Some of the of the Mushrooms are harmful and highly poisonous. Apart from those some are very delicious to eat. While there are various benefits to eat mushrooms. Furthermore, Mushrooms are having huge scope in Pharma and Cosmetic Companies throughout the world. Economic Importance of Mushroom Cultivation is also high.

Mushroom Cultivation Demerits

Importance of Mushroom Cultivation In India | Importance of Mushroom Farming In India:

  • The  Mushroom Cultivation cost is low.
  • Mushrooms can grow in any season and in any climate.
  • It requires less labour.
  • The demand for Mushroom Cultivation is growing day by day.
  • In this process, the farmers gain more profits than they invested.
  • Mushrooms contain good sources of Vitamin D.
  • Mushroom prevent Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer.
  • While these Mushrooms improve bone health.
  • Blood pressure can be reducible by the Mushroom.
  • The mushroom also can stimulate the absorption of the Iron in the body.
  • Body weight can be reducible by eating Mushroom.
  • Mushrooms are good for eyesight.
  • Furthermore, they can enhance the brain power.
  • These Mushrooms can control Diabetics.
  • Furthermore, Mushrooms contain 19% to 36% of proteins which are good for health.
  • The Fat percentage of Mushrooms only 1 to 8% which can control cholesterol.
  • Furthermore, Mushrooms are rich in Calcium and Iron.
  • Mushrooms are good in Vitamin B2 and B3.

Advantages and Mushroom Cultivation Demerits in India:

While coming to the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mushroom Cultivation there are plenty. Hence we have given a table on Merits and Demerits of Mushroom Cultivation. You can check them to understand better about this Cultivation of Mushrooms.

Advantages and Benefits of Mushroom Cultivation In India.Drawbacks and Disadvantages of Mushroom Cultivation In India.
Mushroom Cultivation no need for more space and land.
Due to lack of awareness farmers don't utilise the Loans and Subsidies.
They can grow in small area of land.

The contamination is high in Mushroom Cultivation.
Most of the farmers grow Mushroom in small houses.Skilled labour are required.
No need for more the labour in Mushroom Production.If we didn't maintain them properly or neatly we may effected of fungus and bacteria.
The cost of investment is low.

If one bag of mushroom is contaminated then it will effect all the bags of Mushrooms.
Furthermore, Government is providing many Loans and subsidies.

If we didn't apply fertilisers properly Mushrooms may become poisonous.
Specially poor farmers can gain more profits from Mushroom Farming.

If the moisture is high or more the Mushrooms may decompose.
It is more advantage to Paddy growing Farmers, they can utilise waste paddy straw to grow Mushrooms.
Most of the people do not maintain proper room temperature while Mushroom production.
They are having good demand in the market.During the production they smell very bad.

These are the advantages and Drawbacks of Mushroom Cultivation In India. If you are having any doubts on Mushroom Cultivation Demerits, then you can comment your questions in the comment box. Furthermore, check the below link to know more about this Agribusiness.

How to Start Commercial Mushroom Cultivation in India

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