Scope and Importance of Buffalo Dairy Farm Industry in India

Importance and Opportunities of Dairy Farm in India: Dairy Farming in India is a booming Agri-Business. The main reason behind it is the continuous flow of money throughout the year. Buffalo Dairy Farming Business in India gives huge margins. In this post, we will let you know the scope and importance, advantages and Buffalo Dairy Farm disadvantages in India. We will also let you know another information about How it is easy to establish it.

Dairy farming has a booming scope and importance in the country. It provides an excellent opportunity for the unemployed youth and enthusiastic entrepreneurs across the country. Furthermore, it plays a key role in milk production and economy to the country.

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India is the largest producer of milk in the world. In the recent past, the demand for milk and milk products is increasing rapidly in the global markets. Furthermore, effective care and management ensure huge income returns. Items like butter, cheese, ice creams etc. are the commercially processed foods from the dairy industry.

Since India has the largest buffalo population in the world there is huge scope for dairy industries in the country. Indian buffalo breeds are highly tolerant of heat and various types of diseases. In addition, dairy farming is the important source of income for most of the marginal and small farmers in the country.

Advantages of Dairy Farming

  • The inflation rate is comparatively low.
  • Since the cost of milk is increasing frequently, it gains huge income returns.
  • It doesn’t cause environmental pollution.
  • The market for dairy products is active around the year.
  • Milk and milk products have many nutritional benefits.
  • Less energy requirement as the energy is produced from dung by the biogas unit.
  • The demand for milk products is high in the market.
  • Many of the processing industries depend on milk as there raw material.
  • Value addition of milk is increasing day by day.

Importance of Buffalo Dairy Farm Disadvantages

Nutritious Benefits of Buffalo Milk

  • Milk is a major component of the daily diet.
  • It is the effective supplement for infants as it contains less sodium and potassium ratio.
  • The calcium-phosphorus ratio is also high in it. In addition, it has less amount of cholesterol
  • Furthermore, proteins, calcium, iron, phosphorous, vitamin A, and other compounds are rich in it.
  • Consequently, significant amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C are found in it boosts the human immunity system.
  • In addition, the presence of high potassium content in it helps in decreasing the Blood Pressure in the human body.
  • It is easy to get loans and subsidies from the government.
Composition of Buffalo Milk

Water (gm)     84.0
Energy (kcal)  97.0
Protein (g)       3.7
Fat (g)              6.9
Lactose (g)      5.2
Minerals (g)   0.79

Disadvantages of Buffalo Dairy Farming

  • The late maturity of some buffalo breeds i.e., around 26-32 months.
  • Since some breeds like Murra are sometimes inhuman and fierce.
  • In addition, heat detection is less in some breeds.
  • The inter-calving period is high as compared to cows.
  • Wild or pure-breeds are inadequate availability in the country.
  • In urban areas, it is very difficult to move cattle from one region to other.
  • Lack of open spaces are the main difficulties faced in dairy farming.
  • Unavailability of proper information regarding loans and subsidies from state and central government.

Therefore, it seems like you got to know most noteworthy information regarding the Advantages and also Buffalo
Dairy Farm Disadvantages in India. Furthermore, click the below link to know more.

How To Start Buffalo Dairy Farm in India

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