How IFFCO Kisan Android Application is Helping Indian Farmers

IFFCO Kisan App: Among most popular Android Application for Farmers like Plantix, Kisan Suvidha is also one among them. The application is especially for the Farmers in India. Farmers can easily access the IFFCO Kisan App to get suggestions for their day to day Farm or Agriculture problems they face. The App provides quality and relevant information for the Farmers. It is a Farmer’s Suvidha Application. In addition, there are many additional features that exist in the IFFCO Kisaan android Application. The App has till date now improved and suggested valuable information for many of the Farmers. In this post, we will let you know about the IFFCO Kisan App.

IFFCO Kisan App

  • The IFFCO App is specially designed for the Farmers, so there are many useful features for the Farmers in the App.
  • Weather Information of day to day and advance 3 to 5 days and its a location enable the feature.
  • Market or Mandi prices in which farmer can able to know the prices of various agricultural commodities in the nearest market. It is also a location-enabled feature. The farmer gets the daily update about the Current Market prices.

IFFCO Kisan App

  • Experts Suggestions like Crop protection for disease and insect control from various scientists. in addition, suggestions for the nutrient deficiency symptoms for Various Crops or Plants.
  • Agriculture Library that acts a Gyan Bhandar for the farmers in which they can able to know the full information of cultivation of Various Crops and their Pests.
  • Profile section of various model Farmers and their achievements.
  • In addition, there is also a special feature as like Krishi Vigyan Android Application Farmers. That is Call Centre to help Farmers. The Farmers can call a toll-free number and get suggestions from the Agricultural Experts in single Phone Call.

This is all about the IIFCO Kisan App, its specifications, its features. You can suggest this application to other farmers which will help them.

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