Problems and Constraints in Duck Farming in India

Constraints and Problems of Duck Farming in India: Duck farming is a good way to earn money in the rural as well as urban areas of Asian countries like India. Earlier we have provided a Guide on How to Start Duck Rearing in India for Beginners. We are coming up different topics on the Duck Farming in India. In the same way, we are now going to let you know the Problems of Duck Farming in India. So let us have a look at the Constraints of Duck Rearing in India. You will get almost all the information that you are searching for the Duck Farming Problems in India.

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Problems and Constraints in Duck Farming in India:

Lack of scientific knowledge on Duck husbandry practices: Not many people have technical knowledge on Duck Farming. This leads to improper management of the Duck Rearing in India.

Non-Availability of Quality Ducklings: We lack healthy ducklings in the market. This will lead to low-quality ducks for meat and eggs. The Government should look into this matter so as to provide good quality Ducklings.

Non-Availablity of Quality Feed: Another major Duck Farming Problem in India is the feed. Though the feed is available in plenty, it is not that good in terms of nutritional value. Hence the growth of the ducklings is not that efficient.

Lack of Financial Resources: Duck Farming Loans and Subsidies are very scarce. Hence there is a huge lack of financial backup for the Duck Rearing Farmers in India.

The Absence of Bio-Security Measures: Since there are no proper Bio-Security measures, the outbreak of many diseases is now common. Hence Duck Rearing Farmers are facing a number of issues in this regards.

Lack of an Organized Marketing System: Despite the fact that Duck Farming is an old Agri-Business, it has no marketing system. Hence the Duck Rearing Farmers are facing difficulties in selling the Duck Meat and Duck Eggs.

Duck Farming Problems

Other Duck Farming Problems in India:

  • There is a rapid decline in the demand for duck products. This is mainly because of the competition from the commercial chicken sector.
  • Inefficient Duck market is another problem in the Duck Farming in India.
  • Threats from Imports of Duck Meat.
  • Increasing commercialization of smallholder enterprises is creating problems for the Duck Rearing Farmers.

Major policy Recommendations to Solve Duck Farming Drawbacks:

  • The Government to establish official product standards. This is to improve the market efficiency of duck products like meat and eggs.
  • Developing a Market System where the Duck Farmers can sell their products at a comparatively good price.
  • The Government coming up with training centres for the Duck Farmers.
  • Providing Loans and Subsidies of Duck Farming which will act as a back up for the farmers.

These are the different Problems of Duck Farming in India. We hope that you have got enough information on the Duck Farming Problems in India. Furthermore, check the below link to know more on Duck Rearing in India.

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