What is the Market Price/Value of Commercial Dragon Fruit in India

Commercial Dragon Fruit Market Value/Price in India: These days Dragon Fruit is getting popularity. This is mainly because of the Health Benefits that it has. There are a number of Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit. If you want to know the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit, then you can click on that link. It will tell you all the Uses and Benefits of Dragon Fruit. What is Dragon Fruit? Dragon Fruit is Cactus Species which bears Fruits that we can eat. Since the Side Effects of Dragon Fruit are not many, people are preferring it in their daily diet.

Citing the popularity that it is getting, people have started to cultivate the dragon fruit plants. Actually, Pitaya Fruit is the official name or scientific name of dragon fruit. We have earlier given the Guide to Start Dragon Fruit Farming for beginners in India. You can check that link to know the various procedures that you have to follow in the Pitaya Fruit Farming. Many people are starting the Pitaya Farming or Dragon Fruit Farming. But they should get proper market value for their Dragon Fruit produce. Though there is good demand for the Pitaya Fruit, one should also get the good market price. In this article, we are going to tell you about the Dragon Fruit Market Price in India.

Dragon Fruit Market Value

Commercial Dragon Fruit Market Value/Price in India:

Now Pitaya Fruit Farmers are getting a good price for their product. We will let you know the price or the rate at which one can sell the Pitaya Fruit per kg or per kilo. We have also given information on the Expected Market Price of Dragon Fruit per Quintal and per ton. All this information, you can check in the below section.

  • Dragon Fruit Market Price per Kg/Kilo: Rs. 200 – 250
  • Dragon Fruit Market Price per 100 kg: Rs. 20,000
  • Dragon Fruit Market Price per 1000kg: Rs. 2,00,000

If you can tie up with any Big Malls, then you can get a premium price for your Dragon Fruit or Pitaya Fruit. You will get up to Rs. 400 per kg if you can get a tie-up with Malls. You can also gain more profit margins with good market price with Organic Dragon Fruit.

NOTE: These are the Expected Values. They can change according to the fluctuations in the market demand.

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