Advantages and Disadvantages of Duck Farming in India

Duck Farming Advantages and Disadvantages: Duck Farming is a┬ádeveloping┬ábusiness in India and despite its importance, most of the people fail to notice its true potency. Most of the people, even the new entrepreneurs and agriculture,┬áveterinary graduates focus on the chicken farming, Milk production and doesn’t know much about the Duck farming but here we will give all the information regarding the Duck farming. Duck farming stands next only to the chicken farming and contributes 6-7 percent of total egg production in our country. If you ever wonder to start a business don’t forget to take Duck farming into consideration.

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Ducks are mostly found in the coastal regions of Eastern and the southern states of India. One should be aware that the Indian breeds are poor at egg-laying i.e., poor layers. With ducks, you will get both meat and eggs. First, let us free ourselves from our preconception and better call it as misconception on Duck farming that water is an integral part of ducks and they cannot live without a running water or pond water. In reality number of ducks are being raised in the world and let us not forget that raising ducks without water will result in laying of the unfertilized eggs which cannot be used for raising the Ducklings. In short, water is used by Ducks for reproduction and mating purposes.

List of Duck Farming Advantages and Disadvantages

Duck Farming Advantages

Comparision of Duck Farming vs Chicken Farming:

To show you the potency of Duck Farming Advantages, let us compare this to chicken poultry for a good overview. You will get a broader information regarding both Duck Farming and Chicken Farming Importance.

Duck Farming For Eggs:

  1. Duck lays more eggs per year and is bigger than a hen’s egg.
  2. Ducks lay eggs well even in the second year.
  3. Ducks lay 94-96 percent of the eggs before morning.

Duck Farming For Meat:

  1. It requires less number of management practices as they have diversified feeding habits, easily brooded and have good disease resistance.
  2. It can thrive well on marshy lands and suitable for Duck-cum-fish farming, duck-rice cultivation.

Advantages of Duck Farming in India For Meat:

  • You can raise the ducks in inexpensive and big houses which saves a lot of bucks.
  • Ducks lay their eggs in the morning up to 9.30 or at night so, you can do your egg harvesting in the day after 9.30
  • The Ducks have shorter brooding period and grow quicker.
  • Ducks survive on a wide range of foods and they have a good trait of feeding themselves on the Ignore, and many types of insects( which is a very big list) thus, it directly lessens the feeding costs if your area is swarming with insects.
  • Ducks have a longer life span and poses a long egg production time.
  • Duck meat is a delicious and have a great demand across the world except in places like india but its meat consumption is increasing day by day due to changing of the time.
  • Birds like chicken which cannot flourish in wet lands are ideal places for Duck rearing. This example is apt for West Bengal.

Disadvantages of Duck Rearing:

  • Lack of good quality ducklings and feed in the market.
  • Lack of more organized marketing system.
  • Indian people(mostly) don’t use ducks for meat purpose.
  • Breeding the Ducks without water results in unfertile eggs.
  • Ducks consume more amount of food than chickens and excrete wetter droppings thus, requiring more amount of water than chicken.
  • Starting the business without knowing the market value of its meat and egg consumers in your respective area.
  • Irregular vaccinations time and type of chemical formula will result in the loss.
  • Lack of scientific knowledge and ignorance of steps is very important in problematic situations. But people lack this scientific knowledge.

These are the different advantages of Commercial Duck Rearing in India. We hope that the above List of Duck Farming Advantages is helpful to you. Since you can go for duck farming for eggs and duck farming for meat, it will result in good profits. Furthermore, we are trying to bring in Duck farming guide for beginners. If you want to know the process, then click the below link.

How To Start a Duck Farm in India

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