Market Value or Market Price of Commercial Honey in India

Most recent Honey Market Price/Value in India: Honey is one of the food items which has good commercial value in India. It has various points of interest and advantages. That too in cookery things and medicinal value. Subsequently, in India, the demand for Honey is never diminishing. With the Honey production declining, the demand for Honey in Indian market is expanding step by step. Specifically, Organic Honey is picking up ubiquity. The cost for the Organic Honey for 1 kg is higher than the typical one. In case, you are a new beekeeper, at that point, you should know the market cost of Honey. In this snippet of data, we will tell you the Current Honey Market Value/Price of Organic Honey.

Cost and Profit Margins in Honey Bee Farming in India

Current Honey Market Value/Price in India:

You need to mind that Honey is the Fast Movie Consumer Good which is generally renowned as FMCG. It movies quickly over other products in the market. Everybody requires it, as Everyone ought to have it in their kitchen racks for getting ready different food items. With the nectar generation declining and increment in the sugar costs, many are opting for liquid gold or honey. Check the information below to know the Market Value of Honey in India.

  • Market Price of 1kg Honey: Rs. 90-100
  • Market Price of 100kg Honey: Rs. 9000-10000
  • Market Price of 1000kg Honey in India: Rs. 90000-100000
  • Market Price of Organic Honey in India for 1kg: Rs. 115-125

Current Honey Market Value

Current Honey Market Price

You can see that, you will get a decent cost for your endeavors in honey production. Subsequently, if you start beekeeping or apiculture at home, at that point you can go ahead as you can expect a good price. You ought to likewise have great contacts with the organizations like Dabur and so on where you can offer your Honey in Wholesale. With that discount offering of Honey, you will procure more net revenues than the normal one.

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