Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk Comparison and Benefits

Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk Comparison and Benefits: Milk is an essential daily diet of Indian households. Milk is an agricultural product that is extracted from cattle. In India, people mostly prefer Buffalo milk and cow milk followed by goat milk and others. In contrast, most of the people confuse with either having buffalo milk or cow milk. No worries, however, in this post we will let you know the information regarding your queries.

People always have questions like Which is better Cow or buffalo milk? Is cow milk good or buffalo milk for babies? Why is buffalo milk is white? Is buffalo milk good for the baby? Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk Price? are the common questions that arise in everyone’s mind. However, in this article, we will provide you all the information for your queries. Most noteworthy is both buffalo and cow milk are of great importance in our daily diet.

Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk

Buffalo Milk

Buffalo milk is a high source of calcium. It also consists of minerals like potassium and phosphorus. Most of the Indian households prefer buffalo milk than cow milk.

Cow Milk

Cow’s milk is rich in various minerals, vitamins, and proteins. In addition, it is also an excellent source of calcium. Indian households especially use cow milk for making ghee and using it for lightning in temples for god.

A wide range of Differences between buffalo milk and cow milk is given below.
FeaturesBuffalo MilkCow milk
Nutritious valueHighly nutritiousHighly nutritious
CholestrolLess (0.65mg/g)High (3.14mg/g)
PER (ProteinEfficiencyRatio) value2.742.49
ProteinsHigh (11.42%)Less than Buffalo milk
Calcium, iron and Phosphorous92%,37.7%and118%)Comparitively less
Vitamin AHighLess
Water content(Milk solids)HighLess
ColourDense Whitish ColourPale Creamy Yellowish
Making Tea & CofeeMore suitableLess suitable
Manufacturing Fat rich dairy productsMany Compatritively less
Ghee MakingGoodSuperiority over Buffalo milk ghee
Prteins resistance to heat denaturationHighLow
Dry milk prefferance HighLess
Cheese quality (desire chewing and stringing property)ExcellentGood
Bioprtective factors like immunoglobulins,lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase adn lysozymeHighComparitively less
Preparing range of milk productsWide rangeLow range
Health benifits Good for dental health, bone and teeth formation and gaining weightDental health and reducing obesity in children and protection from thyroid diseases and cardiovascular disease.
CostMore than Cow milk cow milk is Comparitively less price
Conclusion of Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk Comparison:

We have given a complete comparison of Buffalo Milk vs Cow Milk. We hope that you have now got an idea of the same. According to your feasibility, you can select either Buffalo Milk or Cow Milk. Furthermore, you can check the below link for more information on Cow Dairy in India.

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