Cost of Cherry Tomato Farming Business

Cherry Tomato Farming: In the present past, the number of people having Cherry Tomatoes in their daily diet has been increasing nowadays. Cherry Tomatoes are also mostly used in Processing industries. In addition, there are many Health Benefits of Cherry Tomatoes. Noticing the demand of Cherry Tomatoes in the market, many Farmers, individuals, and Entrepreneurs are getting into Cherry Tomato Farming. One can earn huge income returns from the Cherry Tomatoes as the value of Cherry Tomatoes is very high in the current markets. If you wish to Start and Earn good incomes from Cherry tomato Farming, it better to start the farm business in a poly house.

We have given the basic guide to Start Cherry Tomato Farming in the previous post. In this post, we will let you know the Cost of establishing a Cherry Tomato Farm in an area of half an acre or 0.5 acres.

Cost of Cherry Tomato Farming in 0.5 Acre

  • Rental Value of 0.5 care land is Rs.15,000 per annum. For 6 months as the duration of Cherry Tomatoes is 4 to 5 Months, it is Rs.7,000. The price, however, varies from region to region.
  • Cost of Constructing Poly house for Cherry Tomato Farming is Rs.5,00,000. However, it is taken as Rs.50,000 for 6 months as the Polyhouse is durable for 3 to 6 years.
  • Cost of Cherry Tomato Seedlings i.e., 250 grams is Rs.6,500.
  • The cost incurred during organic fertilizer management like FYM, Neem Oil 10000ppm etc., is Rs.40,000.
  • Miscellaneous inputs in Polyhouse like Watering, Fertigation, Soil Managment is around Rs.20,000.
  • Labour Cost for 2 laborers at the rate of Rs. 5,000 per individual is total Rs.60,000.
  • Packing, Marketing and Transporting fees is around Rs.45,000. Whereas the packing costs are┬áRs.30,000.
  • Therefore, the total Cost of Establishing a Cherry Tomato Farming Business in an area 0.5 acre Poly house is around Rs. 2,28,000. The Cost, however, varies from area to area.
ParticularCost in Rs.
Rental value of Land7,000
Cost of polyhouse50,000
Labour Cost60,000
Cost of Cherry Tomato Seedlings6,000
Miscellaneous Costs in cherry Tomato farming20,000
Organic fertilizer Cost40,000
Packing cost30,000
marketing and transportation Costs15,000
Total Cost of Cherry Tomatoes in 0.5 acre2,28,000

This is the Cost of doing Cherry Tomato Farming in a polyhouse. Click the below link for more information on Cherry Tomato Farming Agribusiness.

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