Common Duck Diseases and Preventive Measures in India

Common Duck Diseases in India: Duck Farming has both advantages and disadvantages. Out of many such disadvantages, domestic duck health problems is one. Hence it is necessary to have some idea regarding the new duck disease which might bring some loses to the Duck Farmers. People often search for duck diseases pdf. If you are one such person, then you can check the below information which will provide all the things that you need. You can also check duck diseases that affect humans here.

Rearing of Ducks in Polythene Ponds

List of Diseases in Duck Farming in India:

  1. Pasteurellosis (Duck cholera)
  2. Duck plague
  3. Botulism
  4. Duck virus hepatitis, picornavirus
  5. Aflatoxicosis

Types of Common Duck Diseases in India:

1. Duck Cholera:

  • This is a Bacterial disease. The causal organism of this disease is Pasteurella multocoda.
  • 4 Weeks Old Ducklings are susceptible to this disease.
  • Furthermore, the symptoms include Pink skin, reduced feeding due to lack of appetite, high fever, Duck Diarrhea.
  • While the Prevention method is by giving Vaccination. The First dose is at 4 weeks of age while the second is at 18 weeks of age.
  • Treatment Measures include Sulpha drugs, 30 ml Sulpha Mezzanine (33.1%)/30-60 ml of Sulpha Quinoxaline in 5 litres of drinking water for a week, Erythromycin, Rabatran granules.

Common Duck Diseases

2. Duck Plague:

  • Duck Plague is a viral disease.
  • Symptoms of this disease include Vascular damage with tissue haemorrhages.
  • Prevention of this disease by the use of Vaccine.
  • There is no treatment for this viral disease, hence farmers should be careful.

3. Botulism:

  • This disease attacks the Ducklings when a duck eats the bacteria growing on decaying plants. This will result in food poisoning.
  • While to prevent this disease, supervising the feeding material of Ducks is essential.
  • Furthermore, to Cure this disease, one can use purgatives like (Epsom salt).

4. Duck Viral Hepatitis:

  • This is another Viral disease that attacks the Ducks.
  • The ducklings of 2 to 3 weeks of age are susceptible to this disease.
  • While coming to the symptoms of this disease is Preliminary Hepatitis.
  • The only good news regarding this viral disease is, it is not prevalent in India.

5. Aflatoxicosis:

  • Aflatoxicosis is caused by Aspergillus flavus. This organism is prominent in the feeds like a Groundnut, Rice polish and feedstuffs with moisture.
  • While coming to the symptoms, you can find Lethargy, hepatitis, liver lesions in the  Ducks.
  • Yet again, there is no cure for this disease.

6. Some of the other diseases are Watery Diarrhoea in ducks, Aspergillosis in ducks. Since the ducks are prone to many diseases, Farmers should have good Vaccination program. Furthermore, check below to get some insights on Vaccination Schedule.

Vaccination Schedule in Duck Farming in India:

  1. Duck cholera – 1ml for 3 – 3.5 months duckling and give the dose(booster dose) of 2ml after 1 month of vaccination
  2. Duck plague – 1ml for 8 – 12 weeks ducklings.

Vaccinations in Ducks:

Vaccinations can be obtained perhaps at lesser cost in the following research stations. Hence we firmly suggest visiting these research stations who are employed to give duck vaccinations and suggestions on duck farming.

  • Director Institute of veterinary preventive medicine, Ranipet, T.N.
  • Director research of animal health and veterinary biologicals, Kolkata.
  • The Director Institute if Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals, Bangalore.

These are the different aspects of Common Duck Diseases in India. Furthermore, you can check the below link to get more info on Duck Rearing in India.

How To Start Duck Farming in India

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