How to Start Commercial Spirulina Cultivation Guide for Beginners in India

Tips to Start Commercial Spirulina Cultivation Guide in India: If you are a small farmer and you want to double your income then you have to start Spirulina Farming. There is a huge demand for Spirulina Farming. Most of the farmers are prefer this to gain more profits in less time. In this business, income return is more while comparing to other Farming. Earlier we have given whole information on Poultry, Dairy and more. Now we are going to give information on Spirulina Cultivation which can bring more profits in less time. Earlier we have given information on What is Spirulina and Advantages of Spirulina. Check the link for more information. By following the article you can grow Spirulina at Home Easily.

Where Does Spirulina Grow:

Most of the people don’t know Where Spirulina Grow. At the same time, people are asking to give information on Where Spirulina Grow. Now we are going to give information on Where Spirulina can Grow. Spirulina is a Blue-Green Algae which can grow only in water.

Note: The optimum Temperature to Grow Spirulina is about 30 to 35° degrees Celsius. You have to grow Spirulina in Fresh Stagnant Water. You can grow Spirulina in Cement Water Tanks, Ponds, Lakes Farm ponds.

Materials Required to Grow Spirulina Cultivation:

Now we are going to give information on Important Materials to Grow Spirulina Cultivation. After reading this article you will come to an idea on Important Materials in Spirulina Farming.

  • The first important material is Spirulina Mother Culture. You can buy this from any Spirulina Cultivator.
  • The important Fertilizers in Spirulina Farming is Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium, Phosphoric Acid, Urea along with this Ferrous and Magnesium Sulphate.
  • You need to agitate the water regularly, for this you have to start a small-Scale Spirulina Farming.
  • Furthermore, you need to buy a Thermometer to check the temperature in water.
  • You have to take a Litmus Paper to measure the quality of Blue-Green Algae in water.
  • High-Quality Motor Pump to fill the water in pond or tank.
  • You have to make Cement Tanks or Normal Water Tanks to grow Spirulina.
  • If you are growing Spirulina in Ponds you have to take plastic sheets.
  • Noodle Shape Makers are required to give the Spirulina of Noodle Shape. ( Not Mandatory)
  • Crusher to make Spirulina to Powder.

These are the Important Materials to Grow Spirulina in Spirulina Farming. By following these materials you can easily Cultivate Spirulina.

Commercial Spirulina Cultivation Guide

How to Start Spirulina Cultivation Commercially | How to grow Spirulina at Home:

Before this, you have to follow the all the Important Materials in Spirulina Farming. There are some important aspects to follow the Spirulina Farming. Check the following information to Start Spirulina Farming. This process can be applicable to all the farmers in any country. In this process, you have to select a perfect area to grow Spirulina. After selecting the area you have to make a Tank or any Pond. After that add water to the tank with the help of a high-quality motor pump. Next, add Spirulina Mother Culture in Water Tank. Along with this, you have to add some important fertilizers which we have mentioned above.

you have to check that the tank is getting a proper sunshine. If there is proper sunshine then the Spirulina can able to develop within 10 to 15 days. If it is cold or winter season it takes more time to develop. During this process, you have to agitate the water by using agitators along with the stick. You have to make sure that there should be no contamination. This is the most simple process to Start Spirulina Cultivation. Furthermore, check the below article for more information. By following the article you can grow Spirulina at Home Easily.

How to Make Spirulina Powder at Home

How to Construct Container for Spirulina Farming / Cultivation:

This is the most important thing in Spirulina Cultivation. Most of the people are asking about What is the best Container for Spirulina Cultivation  Now we are going to give important information about How to Construct Container for Spirulina Cultivation.

  • First, you have to prepare a Pond. Later construct a Cement or Plastic tank around the Pond.
  • According to the latest studies, Cement Tank Containers are the best suitable to grow Spirulina. Even they can grow very fast in these containers.
  • There are no particular shapes of containers. You can prepare Square, Circle or Rectangular or in any shape.
  • You have to grow Spirulina in a closed environment to protect them from contamination.
  • Furthermore, for the better and good quality of Spirulina, you have to construct a pond with not more than 100cm depth.
  • This is the best construction method to grow Spirulina in Spirulina Farming.

Maintainance or Management in Commercial Spirulina Cultivation Guide:

Even most of the Spirulina Farmers don’t know How to Maintain Spirulina. Now we are going to give information on Maintainance of Spirulina Farming. Follow the following information to Maintain Spirulina Farming.

  • Agitate the water time to time.
  • Don’t add salt to the water where Blue-Green Alge is located.
  • Spirulina grows daily so you have to remove the Spirulina daily
  • Clean the hands properly and take a clean cloth to collect the Spirulina.
  • After removing you have to add fresh water to the tank.
  • Add again Fresh Spirulina Mother Culture in the fresh water.
  • Furthermore, you have to add some fertilizers to the water to maintain the tank without contamination.

These are the importance of Commercial Spirulina Cultivation Guide. Furthermore, we hope this article helps you on How to Start Commercial Spirulina Cultivation Guide. If there is any important news we will update the article. Still, if you are having any doubts on this Commercial Spirulina Cultivation Guide, you can ask the questions in the comment box. We are always ready to provide the information. Finally Farm well gain well be well and good.

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