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Commercial Pig Meat Marketing in India: Pig Meat is called Pork. Pork ranks 2nd in the world next to Milk with 22 percent global livestock market value. In India, Pig Farming for Pork production is not intensive and commercially maintained. In World, Asia contributes 60% of the total Pork production. However, in India Commercial Pig Farming for Pork production is increasing rapidly. Marketing and Processing chains are the major components of Commercial Pig Farming. Pig Farming Profit depends on the total Marketed Pork. Marketing plays an important role in Pig Farming Business. While the imports of Pig meat in the country has raised in double digits.

In the last post, you get to know all the information regarding income returns from Commercial Pig Farming. However, The income returns depend upon Marketing of Pork. In this article, you will get to know the information regarding Marketing and Processing of Pig Meat.

commercial Pig Meat Marketing

Marketing Of Pigs in India | Commercial Pig Meat Marketing in India:

Since years, India has seen a rise in production of Pork by Pig Farming business. Value chain analysis of Pork revealed that there are two types of Pork consumers in India. Also, the Pork Price in India is moderate, people opt this. First type consumers include the elite class people demanding the processed Pork at restaurants in Cities. Next includes the tribal and rural areas people demanding for economic meat at local markets. In India, The demand for Pork is confined to North East states. Furthermore, Commercial Pig Meat Marketing is in many ways.

  • The entrepreneur of the Pig Farming business can sell the Pigs directly to the nearby Pork Shop.
  • You can also sell the pigs directly to the Fast food industry giants like Jubilant Food Works and KFCs.
  • Some of the Pork processing industries will have a direct contract deals with the local Pig farming business entrepreneur.
  • While in the recent past, there is also a huge export value for indigenous Pork.

Processing Of Pork:

Rich source of diverse products is being manufactured by Pork processing industries. Slaughterhouses are present in that industries. Food chains like BigBazar, fresh, Bigbasket, star bazar, Best Price has their own Pork processing units. Also, these are the Pork Buyers in India. 70 % of the Cost of Pigs acquires by the slaughter processing unit.

  • The number of Pig slaughterhouses in the India is doubling.
  • While the processed Pork gains a huge value when packaged with brand and logo.
  • The small Pig Farming entrepreneur can survive with good margins in a harsh environment.
  • Value addition of Pig Meat will increase at Pork processing industries.


We hope that you got all information regarding Marketing Of Pig Meat and Processing in Pig Farming Business. Furthermore, comment in the box below to raise queries regarding the Commercial Pig Farming in India. If you want to know more about Pig Farming in India, then you can check the below link.

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