Schemes And Subsidies For Pig Farming In India

Commercial Pig Farming Subsidies and Loans: Pig Farming is popular nowadays. Because of the Profits in Pig Production are high many are showing interest. The demand for Pork among the people is increasing when we compare with the past days. Adequate investment is necessary to gain high margins in Pig Farming. In our previous post, we have given information on Piggery Production Profits.

It is not that easy to start Pig Farming. It requires a lot of money. Hence one needs to have the funds from banks and the rest from the government. Banks in India provide loans and subsidies for Pig Production business. While many farmers and individuals are unaware of various loans and subsidies for Piggery Production. Hence we have come up with NABARD subsidy and Government Schemes for Pig Farming. Furthermore, in this post, you will get to know about Loans and government schemes for Pig Farming.

Commercial Pig Farming Subsidies and Loans For Pig Farming In India

Below are schemes and subsidies for Pig Production. In addition, NABARD and SBI loans for Piggery Production are also there.

EDEG (Entrepreneurship Development and Employment Generation)

EDEG scheme is for Pigs development. It is a Government scheme to encourage Pig Farming in India. Detail information regarding this scheme is given below.

Objectives of this Scheme

The major objectives of EDEG are

  • To encourage enthusiastic farmers, startup entrepreneurs for better incomes.
  • Supply and production of high evolved germplasm within the country.
  • Increase employment opportunities.
  • To popularize advanced techniques.
  • In order to create a continuous supply chain for Pork industries and bacon factories.
  • Improve value addition for better margins.

Eligibility Criteria for EDEG Scheme

Below qualifications are necessary to eligible for the scheme.

  • Individuals.
  • Farmers.
  • Enthusiastic entrepreneurs.
  • Rural Self Help Groups (SHG s).
  • Non-Government Organisations (NGO s).
  • Organized and Unorganized sector groups.

Commercial Pig Farming Subsidies

Pig Farming Subsidy Allowance:

CategoryBack ended subsidy Credit providedMarginal Money / share of Benificiary
BPL / SC / ST 33.33% 56.67% 10%
APL 25% 65% 10%

BPL is Below Poverty Line. APL is Above Poverty Line.

Various Subsidy Levels for Swine Farming:

Pig FarmingUnit SizeSubsidy levelCeiling of Subsidy
Commercial rearing units with 3 sows and 1 Boar)25% Rs. 25,000/-
Pig Breeding Farms with 20 sows and 4 Boars25% Rs. 2,00,000/-
Retail Pork Outlets with facility for chilling centres25% Rs. 3,00,000/-


NABARD gives loans and subsidies under National Livestock Mission (NLM). In addition, under NLM the eligible farmers and individuals can get subsidies for Commercial Pig Farming in India. Furthermore, you have to visit the nearest Bank to get the grant from NLS subsidy. You can also visit the Government Animal Husbandry Office located in your area with your project proposal.

SBI (State Bank of India) Loan For Pig Farming

Under Animal Husbandry Programme, State Bank of India provides loans for the eligible individuals to start Pig Farming. Visit with a project proposal for easy granting of the loan.

Conclusion Of Pig Farming Loans and Subsidies: This is the complete list of Commercial Pig Farming Subsidies and Loans. There are many more subsidies that the Government is providing. While you can visit the nearest KVKs and Animal husbandry office to know more about them. Furthermore, we will let you know about Problems in Pig Farming. Check the below link to know more.

Problems in Commercial Pig Farming in India

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