Expected Income Returns From Pig Farming in India

Commercial Pig Farming Profits in India: People do business with income returns. One of the profitable business in India is Commercial Pig Farming. Advantages of Pig Farming are many. Hence, many farmers in the rural areas are turning towards Pig Farming Business. Apart from that, people who have interest in Agribusiness are venturing into Commercial Pig Farming. In the last post, we have given information regarding the Cost of Pig Farming in India. Since times people do not know the Pig Farming Profit Calculation.

Hence in this post, we will let you know the Pig Farming Profit Calculation. In addition, we have come up with information like Expected Income returns from Pig Farming Business in India. You can check here Cost of Commercial Pig Farming in India.

Expected Income Returns from Commercial Pig Farming:

  • Expected Income Returns for Pig Farming are high.
  • It is good to start the Pig Farming Business with 10 Pigs.
  • After selling off 5 Pigs at a specific time, their number can be increased by breeding of Pigs in the Farm.
  • The weight of Pigs is 60 to 90 kg which varies from breed to breed.
  • Pigs gain weight of 50 kg in 4 to 6 months of time.
  • Income returns from Pig Farming increase with the rotation of breeding the Pigs within the Farm.
  • To gain huge margins from Pig Farming Business, increase the number of Boars and Sows in the Pig Farm at regular intervals of time by Breeding the Pigs.

Commercial Pig Farming Profits

Commercial Pig Farming Profits Margin

Pig Farming is a highly technical industry with rapid changes. If you maintain it effectively, Commercial Pig Farming is a hugely profitable business in India. However, Profits from Pig Farming depends upon the proper care and management of the Pigs in the farm. You can calculate the profit by considering the below factors in addition to the initial investment, EMI per month, miscellaneous expenses. For instance, to get margins from Pig Farming Business, the average weight of the Pigs should weigh 50 to 70 kg.

Easy Pig farming Profit Calculation

  1. The cost of 1kg pork is 300 per kg.
  2. However, it varies. 5 Boars will attain a weight of 60 kg in a year.
  3. Then, you will get 600 kg Pork. So 600kg x Rs.300 is Rs.1,18,000.
  4. However, you can also sell the whole Pig to a processing industry which is more profit.

Cost Of Pig Meat i.e., Pork

Processed Belly Slice1,000
Frozen boneless chop550
Processed back ribs1,000
Frozen Yorkshire Boneless500
Spare Ribs1800
Yorkshire Curry Cut500
Pork Smoked Bacon400
Frozen Pork Chop180

Furthermore, if you are having any doubts about this Commercial Pig Farming Profits you can question, comment on the box below. While we hope that this article on the Pig Farming Profits and Margins in India is helpful to you. For more information on the Commercial PigFarming or Pig Farming Business in India, you can check the below link.

Marketing of Pig Farming in India

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