List of Problems in Pig Farming Business | Constraints of Pig Production

List of Commercial Pig Farming Problems in India: Pig Farming business in India gains huge margins. However, it faces challenges too. In the last post, we have given info on How to start Pig Farming Business in India. Since Commercial Pig Farming has many constraints, we want to let you know about them. Hence we have come with this post, which will tell you the major Challenges faced in Pig Farming Business.

In order to increase the profits from Pig Farming business, one should take proper care and management of the Pig Farm. You must consider Challenges in this business to understand more about it. Furthermore, check out the below content to get to know all about Challenges of Pig Production in India.

Commercial Pig Farming Problems

List of Commercial Pig Farming Problems in India:

  • Unproductive supply of breeding stock.
  • Extension services are inadequate in rural and urban areas.
  • While there is lack of skilled labours availability.
  • Sometimes, the prices of feed supplement fo Pig Farming business are high.
  • Quality of feed from the local supplier is low.
  • Utility costs are high at times.
  • Inadequate ventilation within the Pig Farming shed in towns.
  • Water is unavailable in some areas nearer to Commercial Pig Farming.
  • Exposure to unknown pests and disease of Pigs.
  • Lack of regional Animal Husbandry services in the area nearby Commercial Pig Farming.
  • Unorganized slaughter facilities in some areas.
  • Poor quality breeds. Sometimes, the marketing facilities are unavailable to sell the Pigs.

Major Challenges of Commercial Pig Farming

Pig Farming is coupled with risks, problems and challenges. We have listed all of the Constraints in Pig Farming in the table below.

Challenges FacedDescription
Pigs ScarcityMany of the Pig Farmers face unavailability of productive Pig breeds in the areas nearby.
High Cost of feedIt is one of the greatest challenge in Pig Farming Busienss. Cost of feed supllements for the Pigs are sold at huge rates by the local suppliers.
Bio-SecurityThis is because of lack of skilled labour. Improper care and management within the Pig farming shed acts aas a sorce for various disease causing pathogens.
Feed mill Feed mill is a machine where all the domestic wastes, vegetable and fruit leftovers are mixed well to serve the Pigs. Most of the Pig Farmers are unaware of this feed mill.
Pests and Disease Some Pig breedds are Highly susceptable many bacterial and viral diseases which are hihgly contagious for the fellow pigs in the Pig Farming business.
Improper Sanitation 1,000 Pigs produces as much as fecal waste or fecal matter produced by 5,000 humans. So maintain cleanliness in the Pig Farm.
Processing industries Unavailability of Processing units in the nearby locality.
Water Availability Unavailability of quality water for pigs makes their immune system week.
Processing industries Unavailability of Processing units in the nearby locality.
MarketingDue to the involvement of Middlemen for marketig, the entrepreneurs get less Profits in Pig Farming Business.


These are the some of the Constraints of Pig Production in India. If you want to increase the Profits of Commercial Pig Farming, then you have to remember the above points. We hope that this article is helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding Challenges of Pig Production in India, then ask in the comment section.

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