Chicken Farming Vs Duck Farming – Things You Should Know

Chicken Farming Vs Duck Farming in India: Duck farming industry in India is comparatively unseen. However, duck farming has huge benefits compared to chicken farming. Why ducks are better than chicken and vice-versa questions arise in every startup entrepreneur mind. As per as the statistics regarding the farming industry of both types are considered, in India Chicken farming has spread across large area than duck farming. Most of the startup entrepreneurs in the country are unaware of the duck farming business. People prefer chicken meat than duck meet in India.

If you consider with egg consumption, people prefer layer chicken egg than duck egg. However, Duck Meat and eggs also have huge nutritional importance than chicken meat and eggs. In India, Chicken farming is on the upswing than duck farming. In commercial view, duck farming gives high margins when compared to chicken farming. There is a good export value for duck meat and eggs too.

Chicken Farming Vs Duck Farming Points To Know

Sl.No.Duck FarmingChicken farming
01Ducks make soft and raspy sound.Free from noise pollution Because of their crowing, Chicken poultry farms disturb the surrounding social ecosystem.
02In backyard rearing of ducks, they don’t scratch out plant roots to barren wasteland in your backyard farming system.
Chickens create and make a deep depressions in the soil to take dust baths in your backyard farming system.
03Keeping them is easy as they cant fly.Hens and cocks makes disturbances by flying here and there out of the fencing.
04Egg laying ducks don’t need any type of nesting boxes in their house. Hens need a specific type of nesting box for egg laying.
05Ducks are tolerant to disease like coccidiosis, Marek’s disease and other
Chickens are highly susceptible to various types of diseases like coccidiosis, Marek’s disease and others.
06Eggs laid by ducks are higher in fat content, richer in flavour. However, the fat content is comparatively less than duck eggs.
07Better for baking than chicken eggs. Not better for baking.
08Ducklings are more adorable.Chickens are less adorable.
09Ducks take big slugs or snails, two of the most important garden pests. Chickens help with pest control in back-yards and gardens under certain circumstances.
10Ducks lay eggs round the year. Chickens lay eggs seasonal.
11Ducks are tolerant to cool and warm weather conditions. Chickens are weather sensitive.
12Ducks need mini water pools as bathing water. Chickens maintain their skin and feather condition by dust bathing.
13Ducks drink more water than chickens. They take less water than ducks.
14Ducks have a much looser and liquidy poop. Poop is solid and helps in litter management.
15They need more space than chickens. Requires comparatively less space for commercial farming business.

Income Returns in Chicken Farming Vs Duck Farming

If you take proper care and management during farm management, one can get good production, productivity and income margins from both types of farming business.

Can You do Duck Farming and Chicken Farming Together?

As considered with experiences of duck farming and chicken farming business entrepreneurs, keeping chicken and ducks together is not at all a good option. Even if you wish to establish such mixed farming business, you should take care in providing the adequate land area for both the bird types. You should take care of the Water management. If you consider with feed management, chickens take more feed than ducks that causes inadequate food availability for ducks. However, duck farming requires mini water pools for their management which are not necessary for Chicken Farming. Click the below link to know more.

How To Start Poultry Farm in India

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