eNAM App Features

eNAM Electronic National Agriculture Market App Features

eNAM App Features and Specifications: e NAM is nothing but a single window platform for Marketing Agri Products online. It is a Pan India e-trading portal. e-NAM means e-National Agriculture Market. A network of existing APMC Mandis includes in the unified marketing of Agri Commodities and Agri Products Online. APMC means Agricultural Produce Market Committee. Agri […]

Agriculture Universities List

List of Top Rated Agricultural Universities in India

Agriculture Universities List in India: Agriculture is the backbone of India and Indian Economy. there are around 45 State Agriculture universities in 29 States, 5 Deemed Agriculture Universities, and 4 central Agricultural Universities. Since many of the students who complete their 12th class or plus 2 do not know much about the Agricultural Universities in […]

eSuggi App Features

Buy & Sell Agriculture And Farm Products Online – eSuggi App

eSuggi App Features: In the recent past, every Farmer has an Android Smartphone. Farmers also have enough knowledge to operate it and access to various social networking websites. In India, rather than Seller or FArmer and Buyers, the Middlemen get higher margins than the former ones. If a Farmers goes for Online selling of their […]

Prepare Spirulina Powder Guide

How to Prepare Spirulina Powder at Home Guide for Beginners

Tips to Prepare Spirulina Powder Guide at Home: Most of the people doesn’t know what is spirulina. Even they don’t know the Value and Advantages of Spirulina. If you are one of then you no need to worry about that. We are here to give whole information on that. Spirulina is nothing but a Blue Green […]

Kisan Suvidha App Features

Kisan Suvidha Android Application Features & Specifications for Farmers

Kisan Suvidha App Features and Specifications: Usefulness of Kisan Suvidha Android Application: Almost all the farmers are using Android Smartphones in the recent past. Many of them have the ability to access various Social Networking Android Applications. In order to meet the necessaries of Farmers and their Farming related problems and Agriculture problems, much Android Application […]

Plantix Plant Doctor App
agMOOCs App Features

Online Agriculture Courses – agMOOCs Features and Specifications

Online Agriculture Courses in India: In the recent times, every subject has online courses. Many people wish to learn Agricultural Courses Online. It is easy to access such courses rather than any physical demonstrations or offline teaching. However, agriculture is the only subject or department having less or no online courses. Online teaching and Online Classes helps the students […]

Krishi Vigyan Android App

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Android App Features for Indian Farmers

Krishi Vigyan Android App: There are many Farmers who are willing to learn all the recent and Modern Agricultural practices that are going on across the world. In the recent past, every Farmer is having an Android Smart Phone. Building an Android Application in order to help the Farmers is an easy way of approaching […]

IFFCO Kisan App

How IFFCO Kisan Android Application is Helping Indian Farmers

IFFCO Kisan App: Among most popular Android Application for Farmers like Plantix, Kisan Suvidha is also one among them. The application is especially for the Farmers in India. Farmers can easily access the IFFCO Kisan App to get suggestions for their day to day Farm or Agriculture problems they face. The App provides quality and relevant […]

Buy Aloe Vera Processing Plant

Where to Buy Aloe Vera Gel Processing Plant in India

Where to Buy Aloe Vera Processing Plant in India: Aloe vera is a medicinal plant which is widely using in medicines. If you are going grow aloe vera at your home or for the commercial purpose this is the right place to know the better information. It is easy to know the information on How […]

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