Vermicomposting Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vermicompost

Vermicomposting Disadvantages in India:┬áVermicomposting is now a better option for the farmers. It is not only easy to prepare, but environmental benefits of vermicomposting are huge. Since Advantages of Vermicompost over Chemical Fertilizers is high, farmers are shifting towards it. There are many advantages of vermiculture than the disadvantages of vermicomposting. Hence scientists are suggesting […]

Buy Coco Peat Online

Where To Buy Coco Peat Online For Plants

How To Buy Coco Peat Online: People also refer this Coco Peat as Coir Fibre Pith. Coco Peat is the byproduct of fibres and extracts from the husk of the coconut. This coco peat is 100% naturally growing medium and eco-friendly. Coco peat has high porous material structure. Furthermore, Coco peat can absorb large volumes […]