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Murrah Buffalo Farming Guide

Best Murrah Buffalo Farming Guide for Beginners in India

Tips for Murrah Buffalo Farming Guide: We all know that Buffalo Dairy Farming is a huge profitable Business. In addition, it also provides employment opportunities for people in rural as well as in Urban areas. Buffalo Dairy Farming is a famous AgriFarming Business in India. It constitutes about 55% of the total World Buffalo Population. […]

Lobster Farming Guide

Marketing Of Pig Meat – Pork | Pig Farming Marketing and Processing

Commercial Pig Meat Marketing in India: Pig Meat is called Pork. Pork ranks 2nd in the world next to Milk with 22 percent global livestock market value. In India, Pig Farming for Pork production is not intensive and commercially maintained. In World, Asia contributes 60% of the total Pork production. However, in India Commercial Pig […]

Buffalo Milk Vs Goat Milk

Buffalo Milk Vs Goat Milk Comparison, Side Effects and Benefits

Comparision between Buffalo Milk Vs Goat Milk: Milk is an essential component of the daily diet of Indian households. However, on the basis of availability, people take either Buffalo Milk, Cow Milk or Goat Milk.  In our country, many people prefer Buffalo Milk and Cow Milk followed by Goat Milk. There are many advantages of […]

Buffalo Dairy Farm Profits

Expected Income Returns from Buffalo Dairy Farming in India

Buffalo Dairy Farm Profits in India: We all know the importance of Buffalo Milk in our Daily life. Hence new entrepreneurs are turning towards the Buffalo Dairy Farm in India. In the previous post, we have discussed the Cost of Buffalo Dairy Farm. We hope that you have checked that to know the Buffalo dairy farming […]

Start Goat Farming Guide

How to Start Commercial Goat Farming Guide for Beginners in India

Tips to Start Goat Farming Guide for Beginners: The demand for Goat Farming in India is increasing rapidly. Goat Farming gains huge margins with a minimum amount of investment in the farm business. The demand for Goat Meat is high throughout the world. It is easy to start and maintain Goat Farming. Commercial Goat Farming […]

Poultry Fish Farming Guide

How to Start Combined Poultry Farming and Fish Farming in India

Poultry Farming: Poultry Farming is Commercial rearing of Poultry bids. Most probably, we go for Chicken Farming. It is of two types. Former is Layer Chicken Farming, later is Broiler Chicken Farming. Layer chicken Farming is rearing of Chickens for the purpose of Eggs. Whereas in Broiler Poultry Farm, we raise Chickens for the purpose […]

Indian Indigenous Cattle Breeds

Indian Cattle Breeds for High Milk Production in Dairy Farming

Indian Indigenous Cattle Breeds: Milk production is one of the Major businesses in India and Majority of the Population consumes Milk Daily. Most noteworthy, Majority of the Milk Entrepreneurs get profits in this Business in their first Shot. Indian cattle breeds are fewer Milk producers than the Swiss Breeds like Jersy. The Indian Cattle, raised for […]

20000 Chicken Farming Project

Complete Details about 20,000 Layer Chicken Farming Project

Details about Layer 20000 Chicken Farming Project: We know that Poultry Chicken Farming is a profitable AgriBusiness. However, one can earn Profit Margins from both Broiler Chicken Farming and Layer Chicken Farming. But Layer Chicken Farming gives much more profits when we compare with Broiler Chicken Farming. Many people have queries like what is Layer […]

High Milk Producing Cow Breeds

Highest Milk Producing Indigenous/Desi Cow Breeds of India

High Milk Producing Cow Breeds in India: India is one of the highest Milk producing and Highest consuming countries in the World. India is a Tropical Country as a result, high diversity rate is present in this region. Many Diary based Companies, as well as Local Farmers, are producing Milk. Because of high Milk production, […]

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