Betel Leaf Farming Guide

Complete Guide for Betel Leaf Farming/Cultivation for Beginners in India

Betel Leaf Farming Guide & Tips: Betel leaf plant being an herb/vine is majorly grown in countries like India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and some other Asian countries. While Betel leaf plant is mainly known for its medicinal properties that are exclusively used in Ayurvedic medicinal preparation across the globe. Scientifically known as “piper betel” gives a […]

Emu Farming Cost

Cost and Investment of Commercial Emu Farming in India

Emu Farming Cost and Expenditure in India: Emu’s are the Bird that has the potential of earning huge income returns from the Emu Birds. Emu Farm is a type of Poultry Farm Business. Profits from Emu Farm completely depends on the investment. Higher the investment greater the profits one can expect. Emu Farm is native […]

Fish Farming Subsidies

NABARD Loans and Subsidies of Fish Farming in India/SBI Fishery Loan

Fish Farming Subsidies and Loans In India: Fish farming is the art of growing or rearing fishes for the commercial purpose. Well, 70 to 80 percent of Indians prefer fish as their main dish. As the population increases the demand for fishes is also increasing. Earlier we have written about the Expect Income Returns From Fish […]

Commercial Pig Farming Cost

What is the Cost of Commercial Pig Farming in India

Commercial Pig Farming Cost in India: As compared to other livestock production business like Cow Dairy in India, Buffalo Dairy Farm, Pig farming Cost is less. Since the Advantages of Pig farming are many, it is a booming business in India. Most of the people are getting this Pig farming to gain huge income margins. […]

Cherry Tomato Farming Subsidies

Loans and Subsidies for Cherry Tomato Farming

Cherry Tomato Farming Subsidies: Cherry Tomato Farming is a hugely profitable business in the present past. there are many Health benefits of cherry Tomatoes in your daily diet. They are very tasty, especially in salads. As the demand for such Cherry Tomatoes is increasing nowadays, many Farmers, individuals, and entrepreneurs are venturing into this business. […]

Sandalwood Health Benefits

Amazing Sandalwood Health Benefits and its Uses

Benefits of Sandalwood Farming: There are many benefits of Sandalwood Farming Business. The commercial value and Economic value of Sandalwood in the market is very high. As the demand for Sandalwood is very high, many individuals and entrepreneurs are venturing into this Agribusiness. In addition, there is a great export value for the Sandalwood of Indian […]

Raise Cissus Quadrangularis Tips

How to Raise Cissus Quadrangularis/Nalleru at Home

How to Raise Cissus Quadrangularis Tips at Home: Cissus Quadrangularis/Nalleru is one of the Medicinal plants which is highly raised in India. But, most of the people don’t know the use of Cactus/Cissus Quadrangularis/Nalleru. Generally, it grows on the Streets that’s the Reason why people don’t know about  Cissus Quadrangularis/Nalleru. This belongs to the family […]

Wheat Grass Cultivation Advantages Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wheat Grass Cultivation in India

Wheat Grass Cultivation Advantages Disadvantages: Wheatgrass juice is consisting of vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, and K. It is highly rich in protein, and contains 15 to 17 amino acids, which are building blocks of protein. Wheat Grass is nothing but young Wheat Plants. In simple words, newly germinated grass of Wheat Plats is referred […]

Wheat Grass Cultivation Guide
Wheat Grass Harvesting Tips

How to Harvest in Wheatgrass in Wheat Grass Cultivation

Wheat Grass Harvesting Tips: Wheat Grass is nothing but young Wheat Plants. In simple words, newly germinated grass of Wheat Plats is referred as Wheat Grass. Most of the people live in the United States and Europian Countries raise this Wheat Grass. You can grow Wheat Grass in indoor or outdoor. According to experts, indoor […]