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Vermicomposting Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vermicompost

Vermicomposting Disadvantages in India: Vermicomposting is now a better option for the farmers. It is not only easy to prepare, but environmental benefits of vermicomposting are huge. Since Advantages of Vermicompost over Chemical Fertilizers is high, farmers are shifting towards it. There are many advantages of vermiculture than the disadvantages of vermicomposting. Hence scientists are suggesting […]

Aloe Vera Cultivation Drawbacks

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aloe Vera Cultivation In India

Advantages and Aloe Vera Cultivation Drawbacks in India: Aloe Vera is an ayurvedic plant.  It is used to cure various types of diseases in human life. Aloe Vera Cultivation is a booming business in India. Now we are going to provide problems and advantages facing aloe vera cultivation. Well, Aloe vera is medicinal plant and it is […]

Duck Farming Problems

Problems and Constraints in Duck Farming in India

Constraints and Problems of Duck Farming in India: Duck farming is a good way to earn money in the rural as well as urban areas of Asian countries like India. Earlier we have provided a Guide on How to Start Duck Rearing in India for Beginners. We are coming up different topics on the Duck Farming […]

Polythene Pond Duck Rearing

Rearing of Ducks in Polythene Ponds in India

Polythene Pond Duck Rearing in India: These days there is a huge craze for Duck Rearing in India. Most of the small-scale farmers in India are opting Duck Rearing. The main reason behind it is the Advantages of Duck Farming in India. Duck Rearing in India is an easy option to have good returns. Hence […]

Sericulture Disadvantages
Urban Horticulture Cost

What is the Cost of Starting an Urban Horticulture in India

What is the Urban Horticulture Cost in India: Urban Horticulture is now booming in India. Since India is developing very rapidly, the is high need of gardens. Since the pollution in the urban areas is increasing, the need for Urban Horticulture is increasing. Earlier we have provided information regarding the Advantages and Benefits of Urban […]

Start Urban Horticulture

How To Start Urban Horticulture | How To Start Urban Gardening

Tips To Start Urban Horticulture: Urban horticulture is the process of bringing plantation of crops in towns and cities. As we already given the information regarding types, advantages, and disadvantages of urban horticulture. Furthermore, we are going to discuss how to start urban horticulture. This is the most simple process and we are going to […]

Urban Horticulture Advantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Urban Horticulture in India

Urban Horticulture Advantages and Disadvantages in India: Urban Horticulture is the process of growing plants in town and cities. This is the art of bringing plantation of crops in the urban environment. Furthermore, this is having wide scope in the present and huge demand in future. Earlier we have given information regarding the Different Types of […]

Urban Horticulture Types

What is Urban Horticulture and Types of Urban Horticulture

Urban Horticulture: Urban Horticulture is an art of promoting the new successful growth and development of horticultural crops. In Urban Horticulture, ornamental crops, vegetable crops, fruit crops are grown in an urban environment. Now we are going to let you know about the use and Urban Horticulture Types which are in use. Also Check: How To […]

Fish Farming Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fish Farming In India

Importance of Fish Farming in India: Fish is one of the most favourite dishes of Indians. India is the second largest country in producing fish and fish farming. More than 60 percent of Indians prefer fish to eat in their daily life. So the demand for fish is high in the Indian market. Not only in […]