Problems Faced in Buffalo Dairy Farming in India

Buffalo Dairy Farm Problems in India: We all need milk in our daily life. One of the primary sources of our milk is buffalo. Hence Buffalo Dairy Farm has huge demand. In the last post, we discussed the Buffalo Dairy Farming Profits in India. In order to increase the margins from buffalo dairy farm, you should also take proper care and management on the farm. One should not only consider margins but also problems too. This sector has many issues and difficulties like food, water, electricity, manpower and other such problems. Furthermore, check the content below for current issues you face in Buffalo Dairy Farming in India.

Buffalo Dairy Farm Problems

Buffalo dairy farming is coupled with problems, risks and challenges. So, in this post, we have come up with the Cons and Drawbacks of Buffalo Dairy Farm. The key areas of concerns are below.

Current Buffalo Dairy Farm Problems:

Challenge facedDescription
Feed or fodder shortageSometimes the availability of green fodder for the Buffaloes is unavailable due to the poor productivity of the fodder crop.
Lack of Marketing of Dairy products or MilkBecause of lack of poor marketing facilities in the nearby area of the market, the farmer may not meet his commercial perception.
Lack of Medical facilitiesIn some of the rural areas in India, many of the dairy farmers face unavailability of veterinary services at a proper time period.
MiddlemanThe unorganised Market system causes the involvement of middleman whis is a major commercial drawback in the buffalo dairy industry.
Improper caring of animals at lactation periods.Many of the dairy farmers face less productivity of the milk due to improper care and management of lactating animals.
Lack of knowledgeMany of the farmers are unaware of advanced technologies in the dairy farming industry. proper training is necessary.
Labour problemsLack of manpower at a specific period of time in some regions.
Big bang formulaeMost of the farmers go with this theory. They construct big farm shed, bring a large number of animals on the go. At such times, the rate of expected productivity of the milk from the milching animals may decrease.

These are the different problems that the Dairy industry is facing. If you are one such person who wants to start it, then keep them in your mind. Because you cannot do anything once you start a Dairy at your home. Furthermore, check the below link to know more about Buffalo Dairy FarmĀ  Loans and Subsidies.

Loans of Buffalo Dairy Farming in India

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