Top Problems in Poultry Farming in India | Challenges of Poultry Farming

Difficulties in Broiler Poultry Farming Business: Earlier we have discussed the Income From Broiler Poultry Farm Business. Now we will discuss problems in poultry farming in India. There are a number of Broiler Poultry Farming Problems. Everyone will encounter the challenges of poultry farming business. But they vary with various types of factors. This sector has many issues and difficulties like food, water, electricity, manpower and other such problems. Furthermore, check below for current issues in Poultry Industry.

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Different Broiler Poultry Farming Problems in India:

1. Knowledge:

Lack of technical knowledge regarding poultry business is one of the main poultry problems. To carry out a successful poultry farm, knowledge on several aspects of broiler poultry farming is necessary. But due to insufficient knowledge of poultry production, startup entrepreneurs are not gaining enough returns from the business. Therefore, training or experience is necessary for poultry farmers or startup businessman. For the same purpose, there are many workshops that government is conducting. Hence you have to participate in them.

2. Input:

The high cost of day-old chick, the high cost of poultry inputs/equipment, lack of finance for commercial poultry management, shortage of manpower/labourers at a specific area, the high cost of vaccine and medicines, difficulty in obtaining the bank loan, insufficient services of poultry expert.

Broiler Poultry Farming Problems

Top Challenges of Broiler Poultry Farming Problems

3. Breed:

Suitable breeds provide better and high production. Due to lack of suitable germplasm, poor prolificacy of the birds, lack of high producing breeds and disease resistant breeds, poultry farmers are getting low results. Provide nutrient-rich feed to the broiler birds and keep them healthy by keeping the shed premises clean and disinfected. Hence you have to select a perfect breed which will suit your locality.

4. Feed:

Feed is one of the problems encountered in Broiler production. Hence you have to provide Good quality feed for better and healthy production of poultry birds. The better the feed quality, the better the results. Because of the high rate of poultry feed and poor quality of poultry feed, poultry farmer or startup businessman get a lower margin of profit.

5. Diseases:

High disease incidence and high death rate at the outbreak of diseases (bird flu and others.) harm most of the birds in poultry production. Other problems related to this are mortality of the chicks is high (especially hatching mortality), no vaccination programme at the proper time at the nearby locality and Government veterinary doctor/dispensary are not at the nearby locality. Diseases of metabolic origin like ascites and other disorders as well. You have to handle sick birds properly. You should also cull them out from the farm to reduce the problems in poultry production.

6. Other Problems in Broiler Poultry Farm:

Social problems like complaints by neighbours. marketing problems like the low market price to poultry birds and insufficient facilities for export of poultry production. farm workers act as a major source of contamination that includes dirty hands, bringing infested equipment and footwear etc. While to minimise such risks you have to maintain only a few people.

Conclusion on Problems associated with Poultry Production:

Chickens are one among the major sources of animal proteins. Hence, poultry farming has proven to be very lucrative. The broiler poultry industry can be better and profitable if maintained scientifically. Also, as a business, they offer many opportunities for people and startup entrepreneurs to earn big incomes. Currently, most of the poultry farmers or startup entrepreneurs are facing many problems to est broiler poultry farm. If you follow the perfect steps, one can get huge incomes from this business. Furthermore, we will try to provide your information on the future of poultry farming in India.

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