Expected Income Returns from Broiler Poultry Farming in India

Broiler Poultry Farming Income in India: Earlier we have discussed the Cost of Broiler Poultry Farm. We hope that you have checked that to know the Broiler poultry farming cost project. But starting a Broiler Poultry Farm is easy. But to gain the Broiler Poultry Farm Profit Margin is difficult. At times people do not know the process of Broiler poultry farm profit calculation. Hence we have come up with this guide to let you know the Expected Income Returns from Broiler Poultry Farm in India.

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People have a doubt about How much is investment is required to set up poultry farm business in India. Income returns from broiler poultry farming business fluctuate with the time period. It is quite profitable in the sense that gives good returns for the time. As it provides more amount than what you have invested and energy spent on it. Profits and incomes however also depend upon broiler poultry farm management. It also depends on the quantity and quality of the feed provided, disease management, vaccinations and other factors. Nowadays broiler industry is a highly technical agricultural industry and rapidly changing. The grower or the startup businessman gets benefits from the economies of scale and reduced transaction costs and also reduces the risks associated with price fluctuations.

Broiler Poultry Farming Income

Broiler Poultry Farming Income in India

If you consider broiler poultry farming business under contract farming it provides huge employment opportunities. Profits depend upon the farm management, quality of the feed provided, methods of feeding, control of broiler diseases, vaccination. Hence we have incorporated each and every information regarding it. Furthermore check below to know more in detail.

Weight and cost of various broiler poultry breeds in India

We have mentioned the weight of the various broiler breeds after 42-45 days and cost of various broiler breeds in markets in the below table.

Sl.No.Broiler chicken breedWeight of bird gainedCost in Rs per Kg
02Amrit cobb 400 Y2.4200
04Cobb 4002.45130
06Uttam 6052.8160
07Vencob 430 Y2.62190


  • You can sell the Broiler Poultry birds at the nearby market yard or to the poultry dealers.
  • The door to door delivery is also one of the options which depend on the locality.
  • The price of the end product, the broiler bird depends on the weight of the bird which is around 1.7 to 2.5 kg.
  • If all the management practices are effective, the startup entrepreneur will get higher income returns.

How to calculate Income from Broiler Poultry Farming Business

  • If you take one kg of chicken it is around RS.120 to Rs.180 per kg that varies from breed to breed.
  • A broiler breed gains around 2 to 2.8 kg after 40-45 days of commercial rearing.
  • For example, if we consider a broiler breed like Vencobb 430 Y, it gains around 2.62 kg weight and it costs Rs.190 per kg in the market.
  • So, for 500 birds with 4% mortality rate (means 480 birds), 480*2.5kg chicken meat, we get 1200 kg of produce.
  • For 1200 kg we get Rs.2,28,000 if it is Rs.190 per kilogram.
  • In the same way, income calculation is the same for all the types of broiler breeds for broiler poultry farming business.

NOTE: Cost of various chicken breeds and chicken meat varies from place to place and region to region.

We hope that the above information on Broiler Poultry Farming Income. We have tried our best to bring you the accurate information. If you still have any kind of queries regarding the Broiler Poultry Farming Income in India, then you can contact us via the comment section. Click the below Link to know more information.

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