Importance of Broiler Poultry Farming Business in India

Broiler Poultry Farming Importance: If you are looking to establish a business like a broiler poultry production, then this is the right place for your search. How broiler chickens are produced, how to raise them, how much it costs to establish the broiler poultry farm, these type of doubts will raise in every startup entrepreneur who is willing to establish the broiler poultry farm business. All the information regarding the establishment of the business like the cost of chickens, cost of shed construction, management practices to get higher margins of income will be provided to you. Broiler poultry farming is the commercial production of chickens for meat.

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Scope Of Broiler Poultry Farming in India:

  • In India, there is great demand for chicken meat. Broiler chicken farming in India had well developed in the recent past as people from villages, towns, and cities are preferring chicken meat in their day to day life.
  • Most of the households in India prefer chicken meat rather than the other meat like mutton, beef, and pork.
  • Management practices have been improved to establish the business.
  • Disease and mortality rate in the farm has declined.
  • To establish a business like a broiler poultry farming, many government organisations are providing training facilities and loans.

Broiler Poultry Farming Importance

The Economic Importance of Broiler Poultry Farming in India:

  • For rearing of 100 chickens, it requires just Rs.10000 as fixed capital which is easily affordable by any startup entrepreneur.
  • In India, broiler chicken production is increasing at a rate of 8% to 10% per annum. When you compare with all the other agricultural sector, there is a high growth rate of income in this sector.
  • In India, Poultry farming sector provides Rs. 20000 crores to GNP. This sector provides support to livelihoods for around two million people. The marketing chains in this sector are evolving rapidly.
  • Fast-food enterprise chains like KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), Dominos, Mc.D etc. have been started which depends on broiler chicken farming. Nowadays there is also a great export value of broiler chicken produce in India. These are the different Broiler Poultry Farming Importance.

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Benefits of Broiler Poultry Farming | Broiler Poultry Farming Importance:

  • As compared to all the other livestock production, broiler poultry farming requires less investment. Hence there are a number of Broiler Poultry Farming Importance.
  • This sector gives rapid returns in investment as broilers can be marketed in six to eight weeks. There is a huge demand for broiler meat in Indian markets.
  • Broiler meat contains more amounts of proteins and essential amino acids when you compare other meats. When you compare with the other meat, broiler meat contains less fat and cholesterol.
  • Poultry feathers are also helpful as raw materials for making pillows and fancy products.
  • The interval between the generations is very small and hence one can increase the productivity at a short interval of time.
  • Furthermore, Broiler poultry farming is a continuous source of income. As poultry farming is not a seasonal, you can earn margins throughout the year.
  • The requirement of water for feeding and rearing is relatively less when you compare with other livestock production.
  • The Litter is very helpful in the form of Organic Manure for field crops. Large quantities of poultry feeds are byproducts like bran, substandard grains, vegetables which are available at low prices.
  • Broiler poultry farming on a small scale requires minimum space. Hence you can rear them at the backyards of homes.
  • Rich source or Nitrogen and other minerals are present in poultry droppings. These droppings are helpful as organic fertilizers for crops.
  • This business provides both full time or part time opportunities for startup entrepreneurs.

Drawbacks of Broiler Poultry Farming:

  • Considerably there are no disadvantages for establishing a broiler poultry farming business.
  • However, one should consider following all the management strategies. This will certainly help to maintain higher outputs from the startup business.
  • Various types of pathogens like viruses, bacteria and fungi cause diseases to the bird’s flock.
  • Improper management of light and water facilities in the shed causes the decrease in the body weight of the birds which reduces the marketing value.
  • The startup entrepreneur will face a huge loss if the flock is prone to any contagious diseases.

We hope that this advantages of broiler farming techniques have helped you. We have many other aspects in broiler farming guide or broiler chicken farming business plan. While you can check them which will help you to know how to start broiler farming.

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